The Best Location to Place Cat’s Food Bowls

The Best Location to Place Cat’s Food Bowls
Beautiful Ginger Cat Eating From Metal Bowl

You love your cats, we get it. We understand your affection for cats is not based just on a single cat but on all the felines you may have decided to adopt or buy.

But when it comes time to feed those feline creatures, things can become a little messy for you. So one of the important questions that every cat owner asks is – which place is the best for cat stuff?

It may seem logical to keep all cat feeding supplies in one place but it’s best to strategically place them at different locations. Kitchen sounds like the plausible answer as a solution to your question but there are other things you need to keep in check too.

So we have counted down the possible factors you do need to keep in mind when placing the cat’s food bowl, water, and other cat feeding supplies.

A Calm and Quiet Location is Preferable

Although the kitchen is the hot spot of the home, catered with all the food supplies and whatnot. For cats, it’s not an ideal place. It is rather preferable to place their food bowls in a calm or quiet place so that they can feed properly.

It could be any place like a spare room, maybe the inside of the porch or gallery. A shed made for them under a cabinet and so on. A busy location indicates that cats otherwise will be surrounded by people which will persuade them to eat either too quickly or leave their meal in between.

Unless your kitchen is a quiet place, place the food bowl and water bowl under the sink, if not then place them elsewhere.

As Far from the Litter Box as Possible

Would you like to eat your food in a restaurant at a table seated near the restrooms? You won’t even consider it, then how can you expect your cats to do the same? You need to keep the food bowls and litter boxes in opposite directions. Of course, the reason is obvious – to avoid cross-contamination. Otherwise, litter particles can be spread near the food bowl.

And Who Wants their Cats to Eat Feces?

If you ever noticed it, cats go to the bathroom, even in the wild, separately, so that the predators can trace their scent back home.

The Choice of the Food Bowl

When you are getting the cat feeding supplies you need to pick the right bowl. But how’d you know which is the best option? You will see a wide variety of food bowls and water bowls available in the pet stores. You need to choose one that gives easy access to cats to feed or drink whenever they want. Bowls used by cats multiple times a day so you need to keep a lookout for the type of material they are made from too.

Stainless steel and lead-free are the best materials to buy with a wide mouth and not too deep either. Place them near the sink or under the dining table or just by the backdoor.

The Food Bowl Must be Separate

The most common practice seen in a household is that food bowls and water bowls are kept side by side. As humans, we think of easy access to have food and water together. Such is not the case with the felines. According to the cat behaviorists, cats do not like the scent of food around their water supply.

Food and water bowls need to be kept at two different locations. Not as far as you’d keep the litter box but with a justified distance between the two. Or it is said, according to various observations, that it can turn off the hunger instinct in cats.

But to attract cats to separate corners, you need to create some specific things for this purpose. For example, you can use a separate food bowl for cats and another one for water. You can also customize these bowls separately to let cats know where the food and water are placed.

With this in mind, find a company that can make these bows to your demands, such as we found one 4inbandana, that offers you a variety of custom bowls that are designed to separate food and water for your cats.

To Each its Own

Ah yes, sharing is caring, right? This motto is not so popular with the felines either. The sense of ownership is also strong in cats (similar to dogs) which is why cat’s food bowls must be kept separate from one another.

This is applicable in case you have a pair of kittens or even a whole lot of them.

Feeding cats from separate bowls will also give you an idea about the amount every cat is consuming in their meal plan. Besides, do place the food bowls for each cat with enough distance that the cats do not feel threatened by the other companion.

If you follow the right directions, even the small tips can be a lot helpful in understanding your cat’s behavior. So if you have figured out where to place the cat’s food bowl, it’s great! If you have any areas in your mind that might be of interest do share!

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