How to Hire a Trademark Registration in India

Trademark Registration in India

Registering a trademark can be a highly technical and tedious stuff, especially if you have never been through this process before, which is the case for most people. It is, therefore, wise to seek professional help in filing for a trademark registration in India. A trademark professional would help you with choosing a trademark for you product, filling up the necessary forms, collect the required documents and also answer the queries if any objection is raised. Basically, he or she would there helping you at every step – from start to finish.

But while choosing the right trademark professional, you need to do a few things to make sure that you have chosen the right person for the job.

Shortlist a few people or firms:

First you need to research for trademark professionals in your city. Since you have the advantage of internet today, finding them would not be difficult. Once you have found them make a list of those who meet your criteria. Don’t make this list too long since you have to contact all the professionals and firms you have picked. So don’t go overboard and pick around 5 and not more.

Contact the professionals and firms you have picked:

Now call the professionals and talk to them about your requirement. Have a frank talk with all of them and then based on that make your final pick. But before you do that keep these things in mind.

  • Experience: Make sure the guy you are hiring is vastly experienced in this field. If needed ask him to tell you the clients he has worked with and the trademark he has helped registered successfully.
  • Reputation: Before arriving on your final pick do check the professional’s reputation. If possible do call up one or two of his clients to check if he is worth the time and money. Once you get positive reply from them you can move ahead.
  • Connections: It is always a good idea to choose someone with good connections on the inside. It comes in handy when you face some sort of objections in your trademark or if you need to speed up the process a bit. A guy with known people on the inside would be able to do these easily.
  • Fees: Of course everybody has a budget. So do enquire about the fee he charges for this work and only if it suits you and falls within your budget then only you hire him. If he quotes a price which is a bit higher than your budget then do negotiate and try and bring the fee within your budget.

Questions you need to be asking your trademark professional before hiring:

These are questions you need to be asking your trademark guy before hiring him.

  1. How much experience do you have in this field?
  2. What are your fees?
  3. What does your fee for trademark filing include?
  4. How many trademarks have you successfully registered thus far?
  5. Do you have any staff working with you? If yes then how many of them do you have?
  6. What do I need to do to maintain my trademark?
  7. How will I know if my trademark is available for registration?

Once you get satisfactory answers to all these questions, you can go ahead and hire him for your trademark registration.

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