How to Hire a General Contractor for Your Next Home Project

Hire a General Contractor

If you are looking for a general contractor to take care of your next major home project, you have a lot of options to choose from. In the United States, there are well over 680,000 construction companies, making the process of hiring the best contractor for your job seem almost impossible.

Aside from the many options you have at your disposal, you also want to make sure the company you hire is reputable. But how can you know where to start?

Never fear, your guide on how to hire a general contractor is here! Read on to find some useful tips to ensure your next project or renovation is a good one.

Get Their Latest License Information and Insurance

A good general contractor will always be up to date with the latest local requirements. Finding out what your local city, county, or state requires can be as simple as going to the government website or giving them a call. Then get copies of the contractor’s license and insurance once you know what you are looking for. 

Willing to Provide a Written Estimate

If the contractor you are dealing with is not willing to provide a quote in writing, you may want to continue looking elsewhere. Having an estimate in writing doesn’t just protect them but it protects you from any exorbitant “extra” fees tacked on to the final bill later.

Get Different References

Asking for references in order to hire a contractor helps a prospective customer get a better idea of what the general contractor can and can not do. Don’t be afraid to ask past customers what they DIDN’T like about working with the contractor, as well as what their strengths are. 

You can also ask the contractor for pictures of past work. An experienced professional should have some candid “before and after” shots of past projects. This can tell you what home projects they can do well and if they can accomplish what you’re asking them to.

Check What Deposit They Expect

Most contractors will charge a deposit to get work started. Not only should it be clearly outlined in the estimate before signing, but the deposit amount shouldn’t be any larger than 15% of the projected total to complete the work.

Make Sure You Both Are On the Same Page

A good general contractor, like Ryan Holmes Contracting, Inc., that communicates well is essential, especially if they will be in and out of your home for indoor projects. Factors like timeframe for the job to be completed and hours they are permitted on your property are important to be clear on before signing the estimate and beginning work.

Knowing How to Hire a General Contractor Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

With a little research and patience, finding someone to take care of your home project will happen. Even applying a few of these steps on how to hire a general contractor can make the difference between having a job done and a job well done.

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