An Overview of VM Backup Solutions: Which One to Choose?

virtual machine backup solutions

In advanced computing environments, the use of virtual machines (VM) has become increasingly popular. As it grows in popularity, there is a similar need for systems and solutions that focus on data safety and virtual machine backup solutions. 

Any business which has an IT footprint must take the subject of backup and disaster recovery very seriously. If a virtual machine stops working or develops a sudden issue, you could lose a large amount of data, hence the need for VM backup solutions. 

A failure to backup could destroy the significant configurations on your virtual machines, which could lead to disruptions to your business’s daily running. Fortunately, with VM backup solutions, you can keep your virtual machines organized, tidy, and most importantly, protected. 

Here’s an overview of a few VM Backup solutions for your business: 


It is essential to know that all systems must be appropriately configured before you can complete a VM backup. This is to enhance the backup process, causing it to be more efficient. The Solarwinds Virtualization Manager helps you configure your Virtual machines, which makes backups more efficient. 

The importance of configuring virtual machines cannot be overemphasized; this is because, with configurations, your VMs can be tweaked to fit your business’s specific needs. These configurations also allow you to use your virtual machines to their best capacities. 

With Solarwinds, you can view all the changes made to the configurations of the virtual machines in the past, which could thoroughly aid troubleshooting. 


The Uranium Backup Pro Virtual solution is the sort of tool you use when you are about to start backing up your VMs. According to past reviews, the Uranium Backup Pro Virtual allows you to create as many backups as needed on your virtual machines. You can also back up using any computer in your company’s network. 

One of the best features of the Uranium Backup Pro Virtual is its “Replica” feature. This feature allows users to instantly recover data from virtual machines in the unfortunate case of a data breach. 

The Uranium Backup Pro Virtual also comes with a 21-day free trial! 


Nakivo has established itself as one of the leading brands in the IT sector. Their VMware backup solution has also set the brand apart, attracting partnerships from some of the world’s biggest brands, which includes SpaceX, Radisson Blu, and Coca Cola. This is because the company has simplified the once-complex process of data protection, which has caused a complementary improvement in VM backup performances. 

The Nakivo VMware Backup Solution is a popular choice for several reasons, some of which includes: 

  • High Backup performance
  • Advanced Backup copy 
  • Backup Job Automation
  • Tested and trusted VMware backup

To find more information about this solution, visit the Nakivo official website. 

It is necessary to consider a few factors before you select a VM backup solution for your company. Some of these factors include: 

  • Pricing: Most VMware backup solutions come with a free trial period, which allows users to explore the solution’s strengths and weaknesses. It would be best if you avoided solutions that do not come with a trial period.
  • Security: You should always check to see that the backup solution you have chosen has an air gap in place. This air gap will help reduce the risks of threats to your virtual machine. 
  •  Reputation: This is almost as important as anything else. Before choosing a vendor, know how long they have been in business. Know what major review blogs are saying about them. Also, check out what everyday users are saying about them on the internet. All of this information will surely help you make a better choice! 

Hence, it is why major organizations around the world have consistently used Nakivo. Its features, reputation, and security have set it above the rest.

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