Outdoor Activities to do in Slovenia

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Slovenia is also known as the center for adventure sports in Europe. Some people even refer to Slovenia as the outdoor adventure playground for Europe. As far as adventure is concerned, there are several things to do in Slovenia. All the sides of Slovenia are something to look forward to. Especially the northern region allows for camping in Slovenia. Also, it has mountain paths and trails which are no less than a challenge for bikers as well as hikers.

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The west of Slovenia has extremely beautiful valleys that range up to the streams and merge in them. The beauty of the alpine trees just adds up to the charm of the place. That’s the main reason, why travelers come from across the world to spend their holidays and see the beauty and charm of this place. If you one of them, who are planning for a vacation trip. So, add this place on your next vacation trip now. Start planning for your next trip and get delta airlines reservations to reach here and start exploring it on your own.

List of the best outdoor activities to do in Slovenia you must follow:

  • Rafting on Soca River

One of the best places to begin with for your adventure trip is the Soca river. You need to go rafting to this place before you head to the South and West eventually to the Adriatic sea. One of the mysteries of the Soca river is its color. Some consider it to be emerald green while others think it is turquoise or cobalt blue. The best season to visit the Soca river is from April to October and the time for rafting usually lasts about one and a half to two and a half hours.

  • Mountain biking in Slovenia

Bohinj is an area near Alpine Lake which is about 4km long. It is situated about 1km away from the Triglav National Park. Thus, you can either go for cycling or just enjoy the mountain biking in Slovenia around this region. To the southern side of the lake, you will find the Savica Waterfall. So, you can relish the beauty of the place. You can also enjoy a number of destinations around the place.

  • Skiing in Pohorje Massif

If you’re planning a family vacation in Slovenia that has a lot of adventure and fun, you can include skiing. It is one of the most fun things to do. The skiing resorts around this place is full of December to March, so it is better to visit the place during winter. The Maribor Pohorje ski ground is huge covering an area of 250 hectares. It has long slopes and trails which are pretty much attractive. You can rent skiing equipment and go snowboarding. Also, if you aren’t well equipped with the procedure, you can join wellness centers and schools for a short time.

  • Bled Day Trip

If you wish to have a fun trip around Bled, Bovec you can go canyoning. It is one of the recent sports but extremely fun. You can choose a guide who will provide you with all the necessary things and then take you around the place for canyoning. There are pretty much lots of gorges and jumping areas. You can even go for sliding and swimming around the rock pools and cliffs. The place is so much fun, that you’ll feel like you’re in a great water park.

Last words

There are a lot of places for adventure activities around Slovenia. Whether you want to travel solo or in a group, you can definitely choose this offbeat location as one of the major attractions. Have a planned trip or planning to visit. Just get delta airlines reservations and grab the best offers provided. It is the most preferred way by travelers and high in demand all over the year.

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