Caring for Your Fender Covers

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Fenders covers are a great way to protect your fenders, but how will you protect your fender covers? Find out how to care for these durable covers today and learn where to go for a custom windshield cover, replacement covers and more.

Benefits of Fender Covers

If you aren’t using fender covers while working on your vehicle, you’re risking scratches, stains and smears on your beautiful paint job. Whether you’re popping the hood on a classic or an old, faithful truck, fender car covers offer a number of benefits.

Reaching over your fender to jump-start your vehicle, check the oil, inspect the air filter or replace a damaged sensor can cause you to create hand prints on your beautiful paint job. A fender cover is made of cotton, polyester, rubber, leather or another durable material and lays over your fender to prevent any fingerprints or other smudges on your paint.

These small smudges may not be particularly noticeable, but over time they can fade or chip your paint. Something as simple as a battery replacement may require you to wash and wax your entire vehicle without a fender cover, so invest in the protective gear you need to reduce the workload of your auto maintenance.

There’s nothing worse than dropping a wrench on the side of your fender. Choose a thick fender cover to protect against dents and scratches from this unfortunate accident. Avoid it altogether by choosing a cover that is magnetized. Magnetized fender covers hold your tools in place as you swap between wrenches and reach in your engine compartment to perform a necessary repair.

Finally, fender covers make cleanup an easy task. Simply put your tools back, roll up your fender cover and close the hood of your vehicle. A no-mess project is a rare thing in the garage. These covers can save you hours of cleaning, dusting and buffing your fenders.

How To Preserve Fender Covers

While fender covers protect your fenders from dirt, grease and smudges, that means they are collecting all that debris. Care for your fender cover to keep your workspace clean and extend its lifetime.

Always follow the specific cleaning instructions for your cover. Covers come in many different material types, so care for one may not be the same as another. For most fender car covers, simply wash them by hand with warm water and a mild detergent. You’ll typically need to air dry your cover, though some cotton covers can handle wash and dry cycles.

If your fender cover is starting to tear, crack or otherwise be compromised, it may be time for a new one. Don’t let a damaged cover cause you to damage your fender, but order an affordable, convenient cover online.

Enjoy a stunning exterior and easy cleanup after a maintenance project with a fender cover. Order one online and use these tips on how to care for your fender cover. Learn how to care for your car cover and why online shopping is a great way to pick up the protective covers you need to protect your classic car or everyday vehicle.