Kristina Sunshine Jung Biography – Facts, Childhood, Family of Entrepreneur

Kristina Sunshine Jung

Kristina Sunshine Jung is the daughter of the infamous drug dealer George Jung. The name of her mother is Mirtha Jung, and she was also involved in the drug-related business. People want to know what Kristina sunshine Jung is doing now and her other life details. Many people search for her on the internet to know how she led her life after her father got arrested. Now she has become an entrepreneur. Her grandparents and her aunt raised her. Jung is now leading a happy life without any troubles. There is also other information available about her life. Know about it here. 

Background Information 

The birth date of Kristina Sunshine Jung is August 1, 1978. From her young age, she saw her parents dealing with drugs. The nickname of her father in the drug business is Boston George and El Americano. He was part of the Medellín Cartel and smuggled a lot of drugs all over America. Jung’s mother Mirtha was also part of the business along with her husband for some time. So because of them, Jung had a difficult childhood. Mirtha took drugs when she was pregnant with Kristina. The drugs adversely affected her health, and it was with difficulty she gave birth to her daughter. 

Few interesting facts about Kristina Jung

  • A film called Blow got released based on the life of Jung and his daughter. His relationship with his young daughter was the plot of the movie. In the movie actor, Johnny Depp played the character of Jung.
  • Kristina was also part of the movie Blow but the scene got deleted as federal authorities demanded it to be censored.
  • Although her father tried to patch up with her in 2004 after his release from prison she was not able to forgive him according to a local newspaper. However now she has reconciled with him.
  • There was also another film called Heavy that showed her father’s escape from prison to Guatemala.
  • Her father gained a lot of profit in the drug business.
  • Jung worked in the infamous Medellin cartel of Pablo Escobar who was its founder.
  • Kristina is running a clothing business named “BG apparel and merchandise”.
  • Kristina is in the process of writing her mother Mirtha’s biography.

Quick Wikis-Faccts

Real Name Kristina Sunshine Jung
Birthday August 1, 1978
Birthplace USA
Zodiac Sign Leo
Nationality American
Age 42 Years, 42 Year Old Females
Profession Business Women American Women
Famous As Entrepreneur
Married/Husband Romain Karan
Height 5’5″ (165 cm), 5’5″ Females
Net Worth $150, 000
Parents Mirtha JungGeorge Jung
Grandparents Frederick Jung, Ermine Jung

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While growing up, Jung was not able to get the love of her father and mother. Her father got imprisoned, and her mother divorced him. So she had to endure the separation of her family too. Many of the joys of her childhood got lost because of the behaviour of her parents. But her mother tried to come out of her drug addiction. Jung spent most of her life with her grandparents and aunt. The name of her grandparents is Frederick and Ermine Jung. Sometimes when she lived with her mother, her grandparents sent her toys and clothes to cheer her up. They looked after her well. 

Her mother also spent some time in jail, and at that time, Jung lived with her aunt Marie Jung. She only took care of her in her teenage years. There is no information on what school and college she attended for her education. But some sources say that she finished her education in 1996.

What did her father do? 

The birth date of George Jung is 1942. His birthplace is Boston, Massachusetts. He worked as a drug trafficker. The man was a major part of the cocaine trade that happened in the US on the 1970s and 80s. He belonged to cartel Medellín that smuggled up to 85% of cocaine. Although he got released from prison in 2014 after twenty years, he again went to jail because of a speech he gave in a place at San Diego. Because of the statements were given by his girlfriend Ronda Clay Spinello Jung he got released on July 3, 2017, after finishing his parole. 

In 2014 Jung helped in the making of “Heavy” a fictional story that showed how Jung went out from Cuban prison and escaped to Guatemala. Now he is on talking terms with his daughter. 

About Kristina Sunshine Jung mother 

Mirtha Jung was born in Cuba in 1952. She met her husband, George, at a party. Their relationship developed quickly because they liked similar things, including drugs. They dated for two years and got married in 1977. Then in 1978, they had Kristina. Mirtha was a drug addict throughout her pregnancy and also got imprisoned for three years because of it. In her prison life, Kristina Sunshine Jung Mother decided to get rid of drug addiction and then reorganised her life. When she came out of jail, she was a new person. She divorced her husband and then tried to reconcile with her daughter. This transformation of Mirtha had a good impact on Kristina. Both Kristina and her mother are writing a book which will be released soon.

Kristina Sunshine Jung mother

Mirtha became famous when the film Blow released. Many people came to know about her existence after Penelope Cruz portrayed her in the Blow film. The film showed how she helped her husband in his drug business and the reason for their divorce. It also showed some details of her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter.  

A movie based on her father’s life 

When she was young Kristina acted in the movie titled Blow. Actor Johnny Depp portrayed her father Jung, and it showed how he worked in the Medellín Cartel. The movie also focused majorly on George Jung’s relationship with Kristina. Kristina also came at the end of the movie but her scenes got cut and the scenes acted by actress Emma Roberts got added in the film. But the original scenes are available in some DVDs. It showed how George Jung is waiting for his daughter to meet him in prison. In this movie, there were also the characters who portrayed the infamous drug dealer Pablo Escobar and Carlos Lehder Rivas. 

In real life, it took many years for Kristina to forgive her father. Only after she became an adult, she was able to fix the strained relationship. 

How did they reconcile? 

The movie depicted the tumultuous relationship between the father and daughter. This was because of the criminal activities George Jung indulged in and that disgusted his daughter. Most of her childhood was tragic because of his drug smuggling business. Then because of his crimes, he got imprisoned many years in jail in 1994. 

Kristina did not go to meet her father when he spent many years in prison. She was not able to forgive him at that time. Then he got released from jail in 2014, and he tried hard to the right the wrongs. He worked hard to create a bridge in the relationship with his daughter. He spoke with her on the phone to know how she feels. Although their relationship is not the same which a father has with a daughter, it is still in progress. They have accepted each other in their lives. 

What is the net worth of Kristina Sunshine Jung? 

Although Kristina lived with the parents who were not a good example, she did not follow their way of life. She took a different way and is successful in it. She is now a very successful businesswoman through her clothing line called BG Apparel and Merchandise. Kristina always tries to promote her brand and make her business big. Her company has both men’s and women’s clothing. At first, she started her business with little financial support from her father in 2014. Her net worth estimate is $150,000. The company also offers discounts on important occasions for the customers. 

Kristina Sunshine Jung’s Personal Life: Husband & Children

Kristina is a happily married woman now. The name of her husband is Romain Karan. The information on how they met is not available. They have a daughter named Athena Romina Karan. They have a home in the best part of California, US. Kristina is very clear about making her daughter happy. She doesn’t want her daughter to suffer the way she did in her childhood. So both the parents spoil their daughter with love and affection. Their family is a happy one. 


Kristina Sunshine Jung’s life is an inspiration for people because she made a path of her own and did let the tragedy of her childhood make her permanently depressed. Now she is a successful woman because of the mental strength she developed all over the years.