5 Best Truck Maintenance Software in 2022

Truck Maintenance Software

If you work as a manager at a trucking firm, one of the most important tools that you must use is truck maintenance software. After all, it’ll help you learn what vehicles need maintenance and repairs and you could use it for scheduling warranties, which means that you’ll be able to predict potential risks and hazards that you can actually prevent. But, which ones are the best? Luckily for all individuals that are looking for an answer to this question, here is a list of the top 5 best truck maintenance software in 2022:

1. “Agile’s FleetCommander”

One of the first truck maintenance software that you could consider using is FleetCommander, a web-based tool that is easy to navigate and use. It’s completely based online, meaning that you won’t have to download and install it. By using it, you’ll gain access to maintenance monitoring and scheduling, your accounting and HR departments, risk assessment, and so on. It can also be integrated with your existing IT infrastructure, hence, it’s basically hassle-free.

2. “AUTOsist”

Next on our list is completely based online as well, however, AUTOsist is one of those truck maintenance software that has a few additional perks, including access to the cloud. Besides offering the features mention in the previous paragraph, it’ll also allow you to track fuel and inspection records. It’s compatible with Android and iOS platforms, thus, you’ll be capable of managing your fleet, no matter where you are and what device you use.

3. “MaintainX”

We don’t have to mention that this truck maintenance software will allow you to track maintenance and repairs of the vehicles in your fleet, but we do have to mention that you’ll be able to make checklists that’ll help you manage your fleet better. Now, you should know, if you don’t want to use your smartphone for monitoring your truck maintenance, this program isn’t for you since it’s developed for smartphones-only.

4. “Fleetio”

The first thing that we must mention is that it might be a bit daunting to you to use this program, mostly because the interface is a bit complex, hence, it might be best if you choose a different truck maintenance software. But, if you’re tech-savvy, you could use Fleetio for managing your fleet, drivers, part managers, as well as technicians. Additionally, if needed, you can also use it for managing your equipment and tools.

5. “Samsara”

Last on our list, but equally as good as every other truck management software we mention is Samsara. When compared to some other options, it can work on a large scale, meaning that you could use it if you run a small, medium, or large company. It’s compatible with all operating systems out there, and since it features GPS tracking in real-time, it’ll make it easy for you to track the locations, and more importantly, the safety of your vehicle operators.


Whether you own a trucking company or if you manage their fleets, one of the most important things that you must use is truck maintenance software. Not only will it allow you to track fleet maintenance and repairs, with it, but you’ll also be able to access different records, meaning that you can be more productive. Since you now know more about some of the best programs that you can use in 2021 and 2022, don’t lose time. Instead, opt for one of the options from above and then start tracking your fleet like a real pro!