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The general public is usually wary of any type of legal case. But, how often do people actually end up getting a favorable result? There are a lot of lawyers in India with many years of experience in different legal fields. Lex Solutions is an all-inclusive legal entity that provides legal aid in several matters.

Let us find out who is Lex Solutions and why it is so popular.

Who is Lex Solutions?

Lex Solutions is the one-stop shop for any legal problems. Based in Chandigarh, Delhi, and an international branch in Dubai, Lex Solutions has a large resume of customers. One of the best law firms in Chandigarh, Lex has a team of experienced professionals. These experts serve customers across India and international grounds like UAE, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Some of the past clients at Lex are Government organizations, corporations, PSUs, high-net-worth individuals, and more. In addition, Lex Solutions provides services in a range of legal areas such as real estate, finance, intellectual properties, white-collar crimes, etc.

Lex Solutions, founded by Mr. Anil Mehta focuses on providing quality service with full confidentiality. They do so by building long-lasting relationships with their clients and providing a commitment to all their needs.

Lex Solution Services

To better understand Lex Solutions, let us understand what one of the popular law firms in Chandigarh has to offer.

Real Estate: Real estate disputes refer to any issues regarding ownership or co-ownership or tenancy. There can be numerous issues under this category like if tenants refuse to leave the house or if someone wants to have full ownership of a house. Lex Solutions is one of the finest property lawyer in Chandigarh and will help in preparing the correct documentation of different real estate properties such as commercial, residential, agricultural, or industrial.

Corporate Litigation: Corporate litigation refers to any sort of legal battle concerning corporates. Most corporates and large-scale organizations have their own legal teams but if outside help is needed, Lex Solutions is more than prepared to help. All aspects of the litigation such as collecting and giving evidence, presenting witnesses, stating facts, and also cross-examining the witnesses are at Lex Solutions.

Criminal: Criminal cases can be any case that is criminal in nature like rape, murder, defamation, kidnapping, forgery, etc. The Indian Government has a list of rules that the citizens have to abide by, if not necessary punishment is doled out. In criminal cases, Lex Solutions will register the case, present different bails, and quash FIR or the entire case.

Dispute Resolution: Dispute resolutions refer to cases involving arbitration, litigation, regulatory and pre-dispute advice in nature. Disputes can arise between business partners and in such a case legal help is required. Lex Solution will strategically approach these cases and present them before the Supreme Court or High Courts.

White Collar Crimes: White collar crimes such as extortion and embezzlement are committed for financial reasons. These are complex cases and require legal expert handling from lawyers early to prevent further damage. Lex’s lawyers have previously worked on cases like money laundering, corporate compliance, accounting fraud, risk mitigation, contract cancellations, etc.

Banking and Finance: Lex Solutions has some of the best advocates in Chandigarh who have experience in handling finance cases. Cases like insurance, insolvency, asset finance, restructuring, and similar issues. Finance is a broad field that can involve advanced and complex cases. Some of the more common finance cases are bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, loans and credits, unauthorized payments, and corporate Governance.

Matrimonial Disputes: Marriages in India have to abide by rules stated in the Hindu Marriage Act, 1995 and section 89 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 for certain other cases. Lex lawyers will find out the best route to settle marital disputes through discussions and settlement. However, sometimes the couple can decide to separate mutually and divorce. Some matrimonial cases handled at Lex Solutions are divorce, dowry cases, domestic violence, child marriage, personal law etc.

Writs: A writ is a legal document that is written by an authorized judge which prevents an individual from doing something. Most writs are presented to individuals after a formal judgement has been made at the court. They can be sought to fight for one’s rights, ensure there is no injustice or to provide an alternate solution to the other party. Lex Solutions can prepare several types of writs like warrants and subpoenas.

Election Disputes: Elections in India are done as per strict laws but sometimes these rules are broken. This is when legal counsel is required to attain justice. Lex Solutions has worked on election disputes like documentation, legal help for raising funds and campaign assistance, negotiation of contracts, representation in legal forums etc.

Intellectual Property: Intellectual property rights are granted to protect creations of the mind like music, books, movies and specific goods and services. These rights are sought out for a certain duration to prevent illegal usage. Some types of intellectual property rights that are handled by Lex Solutions are trademarks, patents, franchise law, copyrights, designs etc.

Energy and Natural Resources: When major projects in energy production and the use of natural resources start, legal assistance is required. From planning and bidding to negotiation, drafting, forming entities, licenses, permits and more, the lawyers at Lex Solutions are more than capable of handling them all.

Public Interest Litigation: Public interest litigation, per the name, are litigations that are filed in courts to protect the rights and interests of the common public. These cases can be of any nature like pollution, terrorism, road construction, safety issues etc. PILs are not necessarily filed by a victim themselves. Before filing a PIL, the lawyers will check if human rights have been violated along with any Government rules, if it hurts religion and if it is affecting society at large. Lex Solutions will provide guidance to all sorts of PIL.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency: Bankruptcy and insolvency are financial crimes but due to their vast nature, have a separate offering list. Some cases in this regard that Lex Solutions takes up are planning for contingencies, credit bidding, debt restructuring, insolvency proceedings, exit strategies, refinancing, distressed debt trading, etc. Lex has worked on numerous bankruptcy and insolvency issues over the years and provided relief above and beyond its capacity.

Whether it be a criminal case, a problem with a tenant, a marital dispute or a corporate litigation matter, Lex Solutions has it all covered. With years of experience and professionals spread out across the world, one can be assured of getting the best outcome from an otherwise harrowing situation.

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