Top Six Foods Need to Avoid Bad for the Health of Teeth and Gums

Foods Need to Avoid Bad

You can eat various foods beneficial for your health including your teeth, but there are many foods and beverages harmful for your teeth. Eating such items you can face cavity or other disease in your teeth, especially in the later stages of your life.

Below you can check foods that you should avoid to eat or limit to consume, especially in certain conditions, otherwise in worst conditions either you have to remove your damaged teeth or go through the root canal treatment to save your teeth.

Top 6 Foods To Avoid for Teeth Health

foods to avoid for teeth health

#1 Highly Sugary Drinks

Sugary Drinks bad for teeth

Sugar containing drinks like cold drinks, soda, preserved juice, sports drinks and energy drinks are harmful if you drink them for long periods. Sip such drinks with some snacks or light meals to reduce sugar impacts and avoid drinking before sleeping at the nights.

#2 Solid Candies & Chocolates

Candies & Chocolates bad for teeth

Sugar overfilled candies and chocolates are also very harmful to our teeth. These tacky whammy eatable items stick to the teeth and remain for a longer time inside the mouth attract bacteria causing cavity problems. And crushing hard candies is also not suitable for stable teeth.

#3 Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic Beverages bad for teeth

Maybe you do not realize it, but consuming alcohol could be harmful to teeth says the best dentist in Denison. Actually, alcohol affects all the soft tissues in the mouth and reduces the production of salvia in our mouth which helps to wash away the food particles and provides a safeguard against the acids.

#4 Acidic & Citrus Foods

Acidic & Citrus Foods bad for teeth

Consuming high acid or citrus foods such as tomatoes, raw mangoes and lemon can cause tooth decay, especially when consumed exclusively without any other foods. You can eat such food if you properly flush your mouth with water after eating to minimize the impact of acid and avoid dental problems.

#5 Highly Starchy Foods

Starchy Foods bad for teeth

Potato chips and white bread contains high starch which gets stuck in your teeth for a long time attracts bacteria causing cavity or dental pains. Just clean your mouth and remove the starch particles with water or rinse with mouth washing liquids for healthy teeth to avoid visiting at Dental Clinic in Jamaica.

#6 Tea and Coffee

Just like other sugary drinks, consuming tea and coffee excessively also blemish the teeth and make teeth sticky resulting in more food particles sticking around the teeth. You should avoid tea and coffee during nights, especially before sleeping, as it is also not suitable for relaxed sleeping at night.

And also make sure brush your teeth before sleeping at night, as during that time bacteria are more active and attack teeth causing cavity problems. And the long term cavity will damage your teeth permanently.

However, meanwhile, if you are living in New York, and face any kind of dental problem or having the pain or discomfort in your teeth due to bacteria or germs, you can visit a dental clinic in Jamaica, New York and consult the highly experienced dentist who will diagnosis your teeth and recommend the best treatment at a very affordable cost.

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