Alaina Marie Mathers – Bio, Net Worth, Eminem, Parents, Affairs, Boyfriend, Age, Height

Alaina Marie Mathers

Alaina Marie Mathers birth date was on 3rd May 1993 in the USA. Her birth certificate shows Aliana’s name as Amanda Marie Scott. 

Alaina Marie Mathers lived with her mother, brother, & sister. Dawn brought Aliana in a troubled environment. 

Her father neglected the family. 

Aliana didn’t know her father. Marshall Mathers and Kimberly were friends since childhood. 

Eminem had a flair for rap songs. He earned a reputation and attained fame and wealth. But he kept in contact with Aliana and gave monetary support to them. 

Eminem’s friendship with Kimberly ended up in a love-marriage. The wedding gave a new relationship to Eminem & Aliana. 

The Hollywood Mask says that Dawn delivered Aliana. She was only 18 years old at that time. 

Dawn Scott got into depression about her unhappy married life. 

She resorted to drugs to forget her depression. Aliana lived with her mother until the mid-2000s. 

Eminem could not revive her to the normal state. 

Dawn’s condition dipped more in 2000. She didn’t recognize her family members. Eminem’s concern about Aliana made him take the stand for her. He appeared at the court & won her custody. 

Dawn Scott was battling for her life for many years. Her boyfriend got worried about her health. Eminem didn’t want to expose in that atmosphere. Though Aliana met her mother, she was close to Eminem’s daughters. Dawn Scott expired in a mobile home at Warren on 9th January 2016. The medical reports confirm that she was on drugs. Aliana is 26 years old & is 5-feet 6-inches tall.

Relationship between Dawn & Kimberly

Dawn Scott & Kimberly Scott have shared their relationship as twin sisters. Their birth date was on 9th January 1975. Kathleen Sluck & Casmier Sluck bought them up. The sources say that Kimberly & Dawn left home at the age of 13 for their safety. That was the time the Scott sisters met Eminem & Marshall Mathers family.

Her new family

Eminem attained mastery in rap.  He became the world’s most recognized rap singer. 

He renamed Amanda’s name to Aliana. That’s how she got a new family.  

Eminem & Kimberly had brought up Aliana as their daughter. 

Siblings of Alaina Marie Mathers

Aliana was not the only daughter. She shares blood relations with Adam Scott and Whitney. 

She became Hailie’s adopted sister after Eminem took her custody in the court. Hence, Aliana’s number of siblings becomes four.

Adam Scott & Aliana are twins

You heard it right. You might be wondering where is living. Well, Adam is living with his father. They have a low profile in their lives. Adam Scott is an abnormal child. 

Dawn Scott took drugs even during her pregnancy state. Adam needs special attention. Are you wondering how Dawn’s condition didn’t affect Aliana? Well, there’s no such rule. It was by fate that Dawn got a healthy daughter.

Relationship with Eminem

Eminem & Kimberly were childhood friends. He had supported the family on behalf of her father. 

Aliana became Eminem’s niece after he married her aunt. 

Aliana considered Eminem as uncle despite her adoption. Eminem gave her the fatherly love that she didn’t feel her father’s absence. As a rapper, Eminem even mentions her name in his songs. Aliana praises him on the talk shows in which she had featured.

Education background

Alaina Marie Mathers studied private school in Michigan. Her school’s name was Seneca Middle School, situated in Michigan. 

She graduated from in Oakland academy in public relations.

Family trouble after getting adopted

Eminem was successful in the music industry. But he didn’t get well along with Kimberly. Eminem had faced personal problems at home. He divorced Kimberly when he caught her on cheating on him.  The couple separated in 2001. Eminem lives with his daughters. He composed the hit songs for his daughters:

  • Going through Changes
  • Crazy in Love and 
  • Mockingbird

Eminem declared that he loves all his daughters.

Aliana’s personal life

Aliana was a down-to-earth person. She maintained a private life. 

She didn’t want to be in the limelight. 

Aliana didn’t sign up for any social media account. There has been no rumor regarding her affairs. 

Career & Net worth

Eminem’s rap about his family had become common among the public. He featured Aliana & Hailie in his raps. 

Eminem mentioned Alaina Marie Mathers in the Mocking Bird song, which became a hit. The song talks about Aliana’s innocence about her surroundings. Eminem says that he’s proud of his daughters of what they have become. None of Eminem’s children expressed their interest in taking part in show biz. Aliana gets the income from Eminem’s $190 million estimates. Eminem gives a luxurious life to his daughters and spends $375,000 each on matching necklaces. It shows that he gets immense pleasure in providing a comfortable experience to them. Eminem has a net worth of millions every year. The income is sufficient for the entire family for one year.

Some facts about Aliana

  • Eminem adopted Aliana in 2002
  • He renamed Amanda to Aliana
  • Aliana has a twin brother
  • Eminem brought a necklace worth $375000 for all his daughters.