How to choose Best Design and Size of Salt Lamp Night light?

Salt Lamp Night light

A salt lamp is a big piece of pure salt fitted with a small bulb on the inside. It can be a single solid piece of salt or several crystals filled in decorative baskets. Also known as the Himalayan Salt Lamps because of their origin, these lamps create the same ambiance as a campfire giving people a relaxing and soothing sensation. Salt lamps are also known for their health benefits of purifying the air in the room they have been placed. As the popularity of these lamps increases, it is important to know the criteria for choosing the best design and size of the salt lamps. This article discusses some of the things to consider in arriving at the most suitable salt lamp night light size and design to meet your interior design requirements.

Purpose of the Salt Lamp

The choice of a suitable salt lamp design and size is dependent on the area of the room and the purpose for which you need the lamp. The purpose of the lamp is a great determinant of the design you will settle on. For instance, if you want to gift someone with one, you should look at the attractive shapes and designs. For home installations, you should consider the small lamps and their many designs the will satisfy your requirements.

Complement the lamp design with space

Another aspect to consider is the harmony of the salt lamp with space it will be placed. You should match the lamp designs as well as its size with the place. One should be aware of the place where the lamps will be placed so they can choose the best design. The corner of a room, for instance, can have a big lamp whereas the tables beside your bed will look perfect with medium size solid salt lamps on both sides of the bed.

Nature of Salt Lamp Use

It is also important to choose a lamp design that will suit the nature of the purpose of the salt lamp night light. There are circumstances that will suit the use of solid salt lamp pieces while others look fancy with the basket lamps filled with crystals of the Himalayan salt. For example, to boost the lighting in a guest room the basket salt lamp will be a perfect choice but to illuminate a nursery child’s bedroom the crystallized salt lamp will not be suitable because the children can remove the pieces and eat them at times. The bedroom should be fitted with other designs of single pieced-salt lamps. Designs that use naked fire for illumination also should not be placed in the rooms of the children because they can get burnt or end up burning stuff and the entire house as they play.

Number of lamps should meet the need

You can use several small shape salt lamps to light up any room. It is considered cheaper to buy several small size lamps than to purchase a big one.  The combination of the small lamps also makes a more attractive environment than a single big salt lamp. A spa room, for instance, can be illuminated by numerous small round, pyramid or oval-shaped salt lamps. A big salt lamp has more illumination but it is more costly than a few small size lamps that would get the job done.

A budget you’re working with

Another consideration is the budget that has been allocated for interior decor using the salt lamps. The big sizes are expensive and most homesteads consider purchasing numerous small size salt lamps for their homes. Also, certain designs are more costly than others hence you can freely choose the designs and sizes that suit your pocket. In case you cannot find a large salt lamp, several small size salt lamps will serve the purpose sufficiently. The small lamps combination creates a more adorable scene than a single big salt lamp.

Quality of night lamps

Even as you consider the other factors to choose the best design and size of your salt lamp, the quality of the lamps is an important aspect. If you settle for inferior quality, the effect of the salt lamp is compromised. A small genuine salt lamp produces better results than a huge salt lamp of poor quality. Substandard salt lamps produce less illumination and have a short lifespan as compared to genuine salt lamps. The genuine salt lamp can function for several decades.

The salt lamp night light of genuine Himalayan salt is a red or orange glow. The darker the colour of the salt lamp, the higher it’s quality. The bulb used also should be heat-producing so as to maintain the hygroscopic property of the salt lamp. A quality salt lamp should also provide enough surface area for the purification of air within the room. The surface is often rough which increases the surface area of the lamp enhancing its ability to clean the air.

Considering the above-mentioned properties will help you settle on the best design and size of salt lamp night light. There are many designs of the salt lamps which suit different space specifications and serve different purposes. The choice of the best design and size is often related to the cost of the lamp and when considering this parameter, you should be careful not to settle for cheap substandard salt lamps. With that in mind, one should choose a design that will match the space they want to install the salt lamp night light and at the same time serve its purpose sufficiently.

The best designs of the salt lamps provide various benefits like preventing allergies, air purification and adding beauty to the room. The lamps provide great night light boosting the mood of the room with the soothing effect of the illumination of the salt lamp night light. The taste of the client also determines the choice of salt lamp design. Otherwise, one’s preference may not be the best design to fit the situation at hand hence the other factors should be considered so as to come up with most befitting design and size of the salt lamp night light.