5 Reasons Every Company Needs an Email Ticketing System

Email Ticketing System

Many businesses still rely on email as their primary customer support channel. In 2020 alone, more than 306.4 billion emails were sent and received daily. Unfortunately, these numbers also mean there are too many unopened or unanswered emails, which can be detrimental for businesses.

While it’s okay to use the regular email clients when you’re starting out, you’ll struggle to keep up with emails as your business grows. This will negatively impact company productivity and customer experience. Now is the right time to invest in a professional email ticketing system. Here are five reasons why your company should get an email ticketing system.

It Organizes High Volumes of Tickets More Efficiently

It’s a lot easier to track tickets from a centralized platform. An email ticketing system makes the process more seamless by categorizing support tickets according to various specifications. This is important for companies that deal with a large volume of tickets daily.

The software helps agents manage tickets efficiently and minimizes the chances of tickets being overlooked or unresolved. The support team can identify the requests to resolve first, and this reduces the pressure to handle many tickets at the same time.

Automates Processes

Powerful email ticketing systems incorporate automation features that minimize repetitive tasks which take up agents’ time. The software gathers support requests from different sources and generates tickets automatically. The automated tickets are then distributed to various agents depending on their workload, expertise level, and other predefined parameters. Email ticketing software also ensures tickets are prioritized according to set rules for efficient and timely resolution. Tickets are addressed according to their priority.

Increases Productivity

You’ll not need to switch between platforms to check messages. All communication is put on a single platform. A good email ticketing system allows sharing of drafts. Support agents can request for help from their colleagues without sending them direct messages. Agents can also see which cases to prioritize and pick tickets matching their expertise levels.

When you customize the software to fit your business needs, you eliminate repetitive tasks and human error. Agents can collaborate to resolve difficult tickets faster and more efficiently. The end results are improved efficiency and productivity.

Promotes Collaboration

An email ticketing system offers shared visibility and allows for:

  • Internal messaging
  • Escalation and transfer of tickets
  • Adding of notes to tickets only visible to agents
  • Sharing of drafts
  • Task scheduling, and more

The collaboration features promote communication among customer support reps for fast and well-researched solutions to problems. A collaborative inbox also ensures work runs smoothly, boosting business productivity and the customer experience.

Improves Communication and Customer Satisfaction

Help desk software ensures interactions happen in one central location. It makes it easy for customer service agents to communicate with clients. The support team can track previous conversations and enhance the customer experience. This ensures each client gets a consistent and personalized experience.

Due to reduced ticket backlog, support agents are able to prioritize tasks more efficiently, focus on high-value work, and enhance customer satisfaction. Help desk software creates a win-win situation for everyone.

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