Nikkia Cole Beach — Facts to Know about Dorinda Clark-Cole’s Daughter

Nikkia Cole Beach

If you have heard of the ‘The Clark Sisters’, then you surely know Dorinda Clark-Cole. She is an American evangelist, gospel singer, songwriter, and musician. She even has 3 Grammy Awards. Well, that’s enough of Dorinda. This article is all about getting to know her daughter Nikkia Cole Beach. So, keep reading to know all there is about Nikkia.

Quick facts about Nikkia Cole Beach Bio/Wikis

Name Nikkia Cole Beach
Real Name Nikkia Beach
Nick Name Nikkia
Profession(s) social media influencer
Birth Year January 18, 1982
Age 39 Years (As of 2021)
How tall is Malu Trevejo 5′ 5″
Gender Female
Birthplace (Native) USA
Nationality African-American
Zodiac Sign Libra
Education N/A
Net Worth
Father Name
Mother Name

Who is Dorinda Clark-Cole?

An American singer and songwriter, Dorinda is mainly known for her successful gospel recordings. She even released 5 studio albums in 2002 which did reach the top 5 in gospel music charts. Dorinda started to sing with her sisters in her father’s church. And she is married to Elder Gregory Cole and has 2 children.

Who is Nikkia Cole Beach?

Nikkia is the daughter of Dorinda and Gregory. She is a singer and a social media influencer. Nikkia is married to Fasskash Beach for over a decade. The couple has a son and a daughter. The son’s name is Menance and the daughter’s name is Kashmir Beach.

Nikkia’s own song

Did you know that she has her own song? Being the daughter of a fantastic singer, it’s no wonder that Nikkia has that talent too. Using her musical gift, she made a song titled ‘Good thang Anthem’. She wrote this song and her brother Gregory produced it. This song represents women from all over the world for which she got inspiration from her mother.

Big fan of Snoop Dogg

Just because she is the daughter of a famous gospel singer doesn’t mean she doesn’t listen to other music. And of all others, she loves Snoop Dogg and is a huge fan of him. You can even find pictures of Snoop hugging Nikkia from the side on Instagram. This just shows how a big fangirl she is.

Is a Capricorn

Nikkia’s horoscope is Capricorn because she is born in January. This means that she is a combination of inner resourcefulness and old-soul wisdom. That’s why she is pretty much grounded without any crazy controversies. After all, kids of big stars have always caused problems and will be the talk of the town. But Nikkia never got into that kind of troubles. You can say that she is a star for living and conducting herself in a dignified way.

Loves the Coco Chanel brand

Nikkia loves and uses other brand products. But her love for the brand Coco Chanel is so strong. You can see the evidence for it in her Instagram account which shows a lot of products from the brand. She even made a hashtag #Kashmirandco for her daughter.

Nikkia did have bunny teeth

From the pictures on the internet, you would have seen her beautiful smile. But did you know that she had bunny teeth with a little tooth gap? Since she felt insecure about it, she wore braces to fix it. If you scroll through her social media account, you can find a picture of her wearing those braces.

Fast facts about Nikkia Cole-Beach

  • The parents of Nikkia are Dorinda Clark-Cole and Elder Gregory Cole.
  • She tied the knot to Fasskash Beach and has 2 children.
  • Has her own song ‘Good thang Anthem’ to inspire women from all walks of life.
  • Is a big fan of Snoop Dogg.
  • Loves the brand Coco Chanel.
  • She was open about her bunny teeth to help others with wearing braces.

The bottom line

As you can see, even though she is a star child, she is a well-behaved daughter that anyone would be proud to have. And that’s why many people love her.