10 Product Packaging Design Mistakes to Avoid Right Now

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Packaging industry is ever growing. Packing an asset now makes it secure against any damage, it also helps in branding of a product. There are a few companies that get packaging right at very first time, and even if they do it, there is always a room for improvement to make the product packaging even better than what it actually is. The packaging must be spot on, say what your product delivers and what your brand stands for in very simple words and graphics. 

To help you customize your product packaging in a better way, we bring you some of the custom packaging design mistakes that you should avoid.

Less is More

The companies providing custom packaging solutions usually don’t recommend doing excessive packaging for the product and advice you to use only limited amount of material as required. The major reason behind this is you don’t want your customers to have hard time in opening the product and ending up with lots of waste. You should know that today’s customers are environment-friendly, and the wasteful packaging doesn’t bode with them at all.

Typo Errors in Print or Graphics

Picture says it all. A type error not only brings a bad impression about the product inside and your brand, it also reflects that your company is too careless. With this blunder, customers might develop a mindset that the product inside the printed carton might be faulty too. You’ll never want that to happen, and no one in the world ever would.

Complicated Packaging

If the customer has to figure out for minutes how to open the packaging, trust me, it’s a big flaw. It is like buying a pair of scissors to open a pack of scissors you have just purchased.

KISS Principle

‘Keep it simple stupid’ principle is what generally works for most of the things in advertising and marketing world. The same applies to the world of packaging design. Simple, easy to understand, straightforward and streamlined designs are what will grab the attention of the audience.


The packaging of your product must be artistic and shouldn’t have anything that might look too funny in a bad way.

Clear Printing

The name, logo and all other specifics that are printed on custom printed boxes should be clearly visible and the font should be readable by human eyes.

Do Not Change the Packaging Soon

This is one of the most basic product packaging design mistakes that most of the companies usually do. When a customer just begins to recognize your brand through your packaging, you change it completely into a different one. Once you take this step, the customer gets confused who will still search for your product in old packaging. There are chances of losing that customer.

White Space

Color experts say that each packaging should have an element of white or a white space because white is one of the most highlighted backgrounds. Jarring too may colors on entire background will give headaches to the customer.

Find your Product’s USPs

You should avoid keeping the packaging too generic. If you keep the packaging generic, there would ne nothing to keep you different from the competition. There must be some element in the packaging that should stand out to make an impression on the customer. You can even highlight your product’s USP in the packaging design.

Go with the Trend

If your packaging speaks the old word, your potential customers might perceive your product just like other ordinary products having no unique factor or lacking the motivation. Try to incorporate the modern packaging trends into the design and stun your customers.

The Bottom Line

Packaging of product matters a lot when it comes to safety and brand identity. A good solid packaging not only protects your product from any damage, it also ensures that there is no tampering during the transportation phase. Playing with right graphics and text on product packaging or going for a well-planned custom packaging for your products can provide it an additional USP and give you an edge over the competitors with ordinary packaging. So, you need to have a well-planned strategy to create a packaging that can appeal to the audience while looking beautiful.