Charlie Puth – The Mystery Behind The Sexuality Of Singer Life

Charlie Puth

A large number of rumors have given rise to the question is Charlie Puth gay. Hence countless people are wondering about this all over the world.

Charlie Puth is a renowned singer. Over the years he has given us remarkable hits like We Don’t Talk Anymore. Thus it is natural that fans want to know everything about the life of their favorite celebrity.

His sexuality is a matter of huge debate for a long while. If you check certain online forums you will surely find the question is Charlie Puth gay raging a lot. Therefore, if you wish to explore more on this topic, then continue pursuing to gain clarity. 

is Charlie Puth gay

Previously linked to many women

One of the most common tropes in the entertainment industry is linkages to other celebrities. Hence you will find gossip columns full of dating histories of celebrities like Charlie Puth and others.

You should however take all this information with a pinch of salt. See, most of the time it is all about creating a rumor to gain traction. But in most cases, the rumors prove to be correct. This is true for all celebrities. Thus there are many couple linkages in the industry constantly.

Charlie Puth isn’t an exception in this regard. Over the years he has been linked to many women. All these women are immensely popular as well. Thus you will find a large number of people intrigued about these linkages.

These women include Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Charlotte Lawrence, Meghan Trainor, and Lea Michele. Hence you can imagine the scope of the romantic linkages. 

Now this might surely will you think that he isn’t gay. A person dating so many women will surely be heterosexual. Then what is all about the gay rumors? Well, let us explore further.

The beginning of the rumors

It all started back in the year 2017. That was when people first thought that Charlie Puth is gay. Back then he was promoting his single Attention with 102.7KIIS FM.

During the interview that followed, he talked about his kinship with Shawn Mendes. Well, that was the beginning of all the rumors at large.

People completely misunderstood everything. Thus a chain of events starts taking shape leading to the conclusion that Charlie Puth is gay.

Charlie Puth

Viral in a second

His interview became viral in a second. Hence that is one of the most pertinent banes of social media. Soon many people around the world started talking about it.

What did Charlie Puth say?

It is natural to wonder what exactly did Charlie Puth say there. Hence let us find out. He basically talked about how he and Shawn compare their physiques. Sometimes they send images to one another as well. He said:

“We’re in a bit of a work-out off a thon. I sent this to Shawn. That was arm day.”

Nothing more than friends

But the truth is that Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes are nothing but genuine friends. Hence there is no basis for these rumors.


We might conclude by presenting you an intriguing aspect that Charlie Puth also dated fellow singer Charlotte Sarah Lawrence. In fact, their romance is well-documented on Instagram. There was once a cute Valentine’s Day photo which is now unfortunately deleted. The couple has now parted ways.


  • Is Charlie Puth gay?

No, Charlie Puth isn’t gay. It is all a rumor.

  • When did Charlie Puth’s being gay rumor start?

The rumor of Charlie Puth being gay started in 2017.

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