5 Tips for Making Your Paper Longer

Paper Longer

Writing a longer person is like a hard nut to crack for the students. Writing a research paper consist of ten pages is a nightmare for students all over the world. For students, it looks that whenever they have to prepare assignments and they started writing them at the end of assignments they found that they remain unsuccessful to write the number of pages required to write an assignment. for such students who always find it difficult to write a lengthy paper, it is suggested that they need to prepare an outline first, complete the initial draft of the paper and afterwards they need to start making subheadings related to the topics and put relevant material in it.

  1. Provide Historical Background Information

The best way to stretch the length of the paper is to write the historical background information in detail at the beginning of the paper. A writer can in a convenient way write up one or two pages or more than that with the explanation of some characteristics of their paper. Writing detail background information in a research paper really helps the writer to write a lengthy and long research paper.

  1. Spell out the Figures used in Articles

The another best way to increase the length of the research papers is that the writer should have to write the figures in wording form and try to avoid writing them in number form. For instance, if a person needs to write 1,14,444, so in this case by writing this number in figures will write only one number but if the writer writes it like one hundred fourteen thousand four hundred and forty-four so it helps the writer to increase their word count by nine words. Thus, writing digits in wording form helps the writer to increase the length of the paper.

  1. Ditch the Contractions in Writing

The way to increase the length of the paper is that the writer should not need to trench the contractions in writing. They should not need to write words such as Won`t, Shouldn’t, Wouldn’t, Don`t, Doesn’t, Are n`t. instead of writing words in this form they need to write Would not, and Shall not it really helps writers to increase the length of the paper.

  1. Make Larger Spacing in Document

For the purpose to increase the length of the paper it is necessary that the writers must need to increase the line spacing. It is really a useful technique that is used by many researchers to increase the number of pages which ultimately helps them to increase the length of their articles.

  1. Add Quotes and Sayings in Article

Another best way to make paper lengthy and increase word count is to include sayings and quotes in the research papers. Sayings and quotes do not include in plagiarism and they are always written in detail so if the writers copy and paste the sayings in the paper so it helps them to increase the word count these techniques are mostly adopted by those writers who provide online assignment help to students in preparing their research papers.