Understanding Laser-based Hair Removal

Understanding Laser-based Hair Removal

Having great hair boosts confidence in more than one way. Laser hair removal has been the talk of town for a long time now.

While there has been enough attention to questions such as how to prevent hair loss in women, it is tough to find right advice when it comes to excess hair. However, there are a number of myths around the procedure too. Not everything is clear in the minds of customers around the process. This is why it is vital that you know the exact procedure around what exactly it is and how it works. 

Understanding Laser Therapy As A Procedure

Mostly targeted at hair growth removal, laser therapy is targeted in several sittings depending on the hair type. The process for hair removal begins with the trimming of hair just slightly above the skin surface.

  • The laser equipment is adjusted in accordance with the color of hair involved as well as considering the hair thickness, hair area targeted and the skin color.
  • Lasers target the pigment called melanin that is responsible for the darkness of the hair or skin.
  • The laser treatments work on the basis of the combination of dark hair and light skin, best. The procedure always involves you being given an eye gear for protection.
  • This is important because the light rays are intense. In order to add a layer of protection to the skin, a layer of cool gel is also applied. Sometimes, there could be a cooling device attached to your skin surface too. The first sitting might lead to a slight irritation on your skin but professionals who perform the procedure will be able to keep an eye out for reactions.

Top 5 Benefits Of  Hair Removal Using Laser

The main benefits of using laser therapy for removing excess hair are-

  1. Removal of selectively coarse plus dark hair
  2. Removal of hair whilst leaving skin undamaged
  3. Less time consuming
  4. Ability to act on large portions of hair at one time

Reduction of hair on the basis of laser treatment is permanent. This ensures that hairs are not able to grow again but this will be the result, provided that all underlying causative factors get treated and are in control.

Factors To Check Before Laser Hair Removal 

  • Before you undergo laser treatment for hair removal, you need to check the presence of any hormonal imbalances, ovarian disease and hormonal abnormalities.
  • If any such issues are present, there could be chances that you have to take additional treatments before the final laser therapy sessions are planned. In usual and the most normal scenarios, around 7 to 10 sessions might work perfectly well for hair removal.
  • Of course, you will need to go in for follow-up sessions over time. This is best decided based on the results the skin shows as well as what your laser therapist says.
  • Most follow-ups occur after every three or four months so as to get permanent results. Completing all the requisite sessions is vital.  Over the sessions, the hair growth reduces and then becomes completely non-existent.

Going in for professional services matters more than anything else. Reputed laser providers that have qualified and experienced dermatologists at the helm are your best bet. There are so many clinics around that it is important that you check the reviews and reputation of the one you choose, well at the outset. 

Summing Up

Check out your local facilities first based on word of mouth reputation. Unless you are sure of the reputation of the clinic, it is best to avoid availing services from the same. The best clinics enjoy awesome reviews, dependable staff and seamless customer loyalty. never compromise on quality and reputation since laser hair removal is a matter that is much more than just skin deep!

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