Prison School Season 2: Promo, Character, Updates and Release Date

Prison School Season 2

Prison School Season 2 is a highly popular Japanese anime series based on the manga series, designed primarily for Japanese teenagers. However, the show’s captivating story and compelling dialogue have resonated with audiences of all ages. 

The first season of Prison School premiered approximately five years ago, quickly becoming a hit both online and on television. Fans are waiting for the release of the second season, to see the continuation of the story. Read this article to learn about in detail.

Prison School Season 2 Story Overview

The show “Prison School” is about a group of boys who were caught trying to sneak a peek at the girls in their school. As a punishment, they were sent to an all-girls prison. The show is a combination of comedy and drama as the boys try to survive in the harsh prison environment while also trying to clear their names and gain their freedom.

The unique blend of humour and drama, as well as the well-written characters and intricate storyline, helped make the show a success. The second season will continue from where the first one left off, with the boys still stuck in prison and trying to find a way to prove their innocence.

Fans of the show can expect to see more of the hilarious antics and unique relationships between the characters that made the first season so popular. The return of the main characters, including Kiyoshi Fujino, Takehit, Shingo Wakamoto, Joji, and Reiji Ando. 

It is one of the most highly-anticipated aspects of Season 2. Fans are also excited to see more of the show’s strong female characters, including Mari, Hana, and Meiko Shiraki, as they navigate the prison and interact with the boys.

With its unique blend of comedy and drama, as well as its well-written characters and intricate storytelling, it’s no surprise that fans are eagerly awaiting the return of “Prison School.” Season 2 is sure to be a hit with both fans of the original series and newcomers to the show. 

The show is a perfect balance of humour and serious moments that keeps the audience hooked. The characters are likable and relatable, and the story is intriguing. It’s a must-watch for anyone who loves a good mix of comedy and drama.

Information Regarding Promo and Releasing Date

The creator of the show “Prison School” has announced that there will be a second season. Fans of the series have been waiting for the next part of the story. The first season was well-received and had many episodes.

But due to the current global pandemic, the release of the second season has been delayed. The creator said that the pandemic has affected the production schedule and caused a delay in the release date. The creator set the new release date for the second season for 2022 or 2023.

Despite the delay, the creator has given the go-ahead for production and promotion of the upcoming season. Fans can expect to see previews and trailers for the new season in the near future. The creator has also promised that the new season will be worth the wait as it will continue to build on the story and characters from the first season.

Overall, the fans are eagerly waiting for the second season of “Prison School” as it’s already set the fire on the floor. The creator has promised something good for the fans and the audience. It will be a worth watching show.

Prison School Season 2

Prison School Main Characters

The main character of Prison School Season 2, Kiyoshi is a kind-hearted and easy-going individual who finds himself in prison after attempting to peep on female students. Determined to clear his name and regain his freedom, he also seeks to make the best of his time in prison by forming friendships with his fellow inmates.

Takehito also known as “Gakuto,” he is one of Kiyoshi’s cellmates and a fellow member of the “Peeping Squad.” He is an otaku and an expert in all things anime, manga, and video games. He is also a master of disguise, often using his skills to help the group escape from prison.

Another of Kiyoshi’s cellmates, Shingo is the “strongman” of the group. He is a physically imposing individual who is often tasked with carrying out the group’s plans. He is also a bit of a goofball, but is fiercely loyal to his friends.

The fourth member of the Peeping Squad, Joji is the brains of the operation. He is a brilliant strategist who is always coming up with new plans to help the group escape from prison. He is also a bit of a loner and tends to keep to himself.

The final member of the Peeping Squad, Reiji is a bit of a wild card. This often leads to trouble. He is also a bit of a womanizer and is always trying to charm the female inmates.

Season 2 Source Material

The second season of the anime show “Prison School” is based on a manga series of the same name. The manga series was written and illustrated by Akira and was first published in 2011. It had 20 volumes in total. The anime series tells the same story as the manga series, but it only adapts 200 chapters from the early 9 volumes of the manga series. This is out of the total 277 chapters in the manga series.

The creator of the anime series, Tsutomu, has said that they hope to make more seasons of the anime in the future. They may also introduce new characters or recast existing ones. This is good news for fans of the manga series who want to see more adaptations.

The creator and the staff have also said that they want to stay faithful to the original manga series while making some creative changes to make it work as an anime. They want to make sure that the anime adaptation is as close as possible to the manga series.

It’s worth noting that manga series has a big and dedicated fan base and the anime adaptation has been praised. You as well as many other fans loved this anime and they are waiting for the next instalment.


Prison School is one of the most loved anime worldwide with fantastic character design and engaging story. The story revolves around 5 students who are completing their sentence in a prison which also serves as a school. Fans are eagerly waiting for the second season. In this article we have discussed about the information regarding Prison School season 2 and detail about the characters.

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