Who is Aimee Preston? Life Facts, Bio and Net Worth of Aimee

Aimee Preston

To begin with, Aimee Preston is famous as the girlfriend of a celebrity. Even more, she works as a personal assistant in America. Furthermore, Aimee was the personal assistant of some famous people. Lastly, Aimee hit the news for being the girlfriend of Steven Tyler.

Read through the article to learn more about Aimee Preston her bio, wiki, net worth, income,including her dating life, boyfriend Steven Tyler, age, height, weight, parents, family, siblings. The article will include answers to questions like:

  • Who is Aimee Preston?
  • Who is Steven Tyler?
  • What is her relationship with Steven Tyler?
  • The early life of Aimee Preston
  • What is the net worth of Aimee Preston?

✔ Aimee Preston Bio-Wikis

✔ Real Name Aimee Preston
✔ Birthday July 18, 1987
✔ Birthplace USA
✔ Zodiac Sign Cancer
✔ Nationality American
✔ Dating/Boyfriend Steven Tyler
✔ Profession celebrity
✔ Married No
✔ Children N/A
Siblings Calvin, Luke, and Katie
Parents Not Disclosed
✔ Age As of 2021, she is 33 Year Old
✔ Net Worth Under review

Who is Aimee Preston?

As previously stated in the article, Aimee is a personal assistant in America. Even more, she became famous as the girlfriend of Steven Tyler. Further, Aimee during her career has worked with well-known people. Famous people that Aimee worked with are Marla Maples and Victoria Beckham.

When and where was Aimee Preston born?

In the first place, Aimee Preston took place in the year 1987. Even more, her full date of birth is 18th July of 1987. Furthermore, her birth took place in Denver, Colorado in the United States of America. Also, as per her date of birth, Aimee is currently thirty-three years old. Lastly, Aimee Preston birth sign is Cancer.

A note on the family and education life of Aimee Preston

To begin with, Aimee Preston comes from a big family. Even more, her family hails from Denver in the United States of America. She is one of the four children that grew up in the Preston household. Even more, Aimee Preston has two brothers and one sister. The name of Aimee siblings is Calvin, Luke and Katie.

Now, coming to her education, Aimee attended a local high school. At a young age, Aimee love for music and acting was clear. She began her journey in music by attending the Denver School of Arts. Later on, she went to the American music and Dramatic Academy. Furthermore, Aimee holds a bachelor degree in Musical theatre from the academy. Lastly, Aimee graduated from the academy in 2007.

In simple words, Aimee is a talented woman with a flair for music and acting.

Who is Steven Tyler?

In the first place, Tyler Preston is a singer, songwriter and musician. Even more, his full name is Steven Victor Tallarico. Furthermore, the singer birth took place in the year 1948. Also, his full date of birth is March 26th, 1948. As per his date of birth, Tyler is currently seventy-three years old. Even more, the birth of the singer took place in Manhattan in New York.

Further, Steven Tyler is famous as the lead singer of Aerosmith. The band Aerosmith is famous for hard rock songs. Even more, the few popular works of the band are Toys in the attic and Rocks. Apart from singing Steven is also a great musician. Even more, he plays harmonica, Piano, and Percussion.

Even more, Steven Tyler has the nickname “Demon of Screaming”. It is because of his high screams and wide vocal range. Lastly, Steven Tyler is famous for his acrobatics during his performance.

What does Aimee do for a living?

As stated previously in the article, Aimee went to the music and drama academy. He holds a bachelor degree in music and drama. But after graduation, Aimee began working odd jobs in New York. Even more, she began working as a personal assistant for celebrities.

Furthermore, she began her career as a personal assistant to Donald Trump. Even more, Donald Trump is the current president of the United States of America. During her time at the Trump organization, Aimee was helping Trump with his business. Later on, she began working for Marla Maples, ex-wife of Donald Trump. Overall, Aimee was a personal assistant at the Trump organization for four years.

Later on, Aimee began her job as a personal assistant to Victoria Beckham. Victoria is the former spice girl and the wife of a football star. Her husband is David Beckham. However, Victoria soon changed her focus to business and designing. Hence, Aimee left Victoria after four years and moved to XIX entertainment.

Furthermore, Aimee worked with XIX entertainment for only nine months. XIX Entertainment is an intellectual rights organization. It was at the company that she met Steven Tyler. Even more, Steven was impressed with Aimee skills and talents. Hence, he hired her as his assistant.

How did Steven Tyler and Aimee Preston meet?

Aimee Preston and Steven Tyler met each other through work. Even more, she met Steven while working at XIX entertainment. Soon after meeting each other, they began dating. Furthermore, initial the couple did not speak publicly about their relationship. However, it was confirmed during their public appearance at the Oscar viewing party.

What is the net worth of Aimee Preston?

In the first place, Aimee Preston works as a personal assistant in America. Even more, she is successful in her career. But there is no proper estimation as to her net worth. However, her partner Steven Tyler is a millionaire. Furthermore, his net worth is around one hundred and thirty million dollars.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Aimee Preston is a personal assistant in the United States of America. Even more, she is the girlfriend of a famous singer. The name of the singer is Steven Tyler. Furthermore, the couple lives in America with each other.

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