Kia Rio Service Cost: True Cost To Own

Kia Rio Service Cost: True Cost To Own

Back in the early 2000s, Kia had been infamous for making lacklustre, cheap cars. But since then, their cars’ reliability has improved significantly and it is regarded as one of the most reliable auto brands today. Still, their vehicles are one of the top choices by consumers looking for low-maintenance vehicles.

In this blog, you’ll know more about Kia Rio service cost, including its reliability and estimated annual repair costs, and how it stacks compared to other cars made by the brand. You’ll also learn more about Kia’s extended warranty coverage to keep your brand-new car ready for your next trip.

Are Cars Made By Kia Reliable?

Yes, the brand’s reliability is much improved and it is above average. Although Kia had a bad reputation when it first became available internationally more than two decades ago, a lot has changed since. Today, Consumer Reports ranks the brand as the 15th most reliable car brand with a score of 45 ahead of more established brands like Chevrolet, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volkswagen, etc.

Aside from the brand’s reliability, they also offer among the best warranties for brand-new cars in the industry. Motor1 ranks Kia in second place as the automaker with the best warranty, behind its sister brand Hyundai which got the first spot. The main factor behind its stellar warranty coverage is the fact that the brand offers a five-year warranty for the powertrain and a three-year bumper-to-bumper guarantee. Most customers also love the fact that they can book an appointment thru Kia online service booking since it’s easier compared to calling the dealership. Visiting the showroom is also a lot safer since they’ll interact with fewer people.

But the most important thing you need to remember is if you keep your Kia well-maintained, it can be with you for at least a decade. If there comes a time that you encounter issues though, you can expect that most major ones are covered by the warranty. You also need to check Kia service department hours in your area, so you’ll know when you can visit for a PMS and repairs.

Kia Cars Service Cost By Model

Although most of the brand’s cars are reliable, some models are cheaper to service than others. These are the average yearly repair cost for some of the brand’s most popular models. For example, the Kia Rio service cost per year is around $434, the most affordable among Kia’s offerings.

  • Kia Rio: $434
  • Kia Soul: $437
  • Kia Forte: $451
  • Kia Sportage: $462
  • Kia Sorento: $533
  • Kia K900: $697

For context, the average service cost for all cars regardless of makes and models is $652 annually. Almost all of Kia’s cars cost significantly lower to maintain except for the K900. But whatever car you go for, you should set aside a budget to cover maintenance costs, and by choosing a Kia, you can expect to spend less. You also don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment since you can reach them online and Kia service hours are extensive.

The Most Common Issues With Kia

Having high-reliability scores does not mean that Kias won’t encounter issues in the long run. Even the most well-maintained and best-built cars can experience some hiccups too. But if you plan on going for a Kia, you need to know some of the most common issues reported by customers:

  • Headlight bulb replacement: Kia Sorento (costs around $82 to $90)
  • Air conditioning compressor replacement:  Kia Sportage, Kia Sorento, Kia Optima (costs around $639 to $912)
  • Alternator replacement: Kia Optima, Kia Spectra, Kia Sedona (priced between $772 to $841)

Most of the service costs for the issues above are covered by a warranty. Also, the Kia Rio doesn’t have a common issue that you should worry about and you can save on Kia Rio service cost. But if Kia’s warranty expires, you’ll need to pay for the service cost yourself. So, you need to consider these issues in choosing your next Kia.


Now that you know how reliable a Kia car is and how much you need to set aside for Kia Rio service cost, you can now take a sigh of relief. Owning a Kia doesn’t pose as much a headache compared to other brands’ offerings, and it doesn’t hurt your wallet quite as much too. Now’s the right time to go to a Kia showroom and get a Kia Rio of your own. Happy driving!

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