Chinese Zodiac Sign Meta Horse: Find Out What It Is And What Year Is it

Chinese Zodiac Sign Meta Horse

Do you know about Chinese Metal horse? Well, if you have already heard about it then it’s great. Otherwise, you will know about it here in brief. So, the symbolic representation of Horse in Chinese culture connotes Speech and Freedom. Moreover, it’s also true that some cultures like to revere the animal horse in a god-like fashion as well. In addition, The Horse is the 7th of the 12-year cycle of animals that appears in the Chinese Zodiac as per the Chinese Calendar.

So, if you wish to know more about Metal Horse and what year it signifies, then you are at the right place. In this article, you will find some riveting facts about it so now’s the time to go through this article.

Metal Horse Year

So, as you’d already know, the animal cycle has Rat, The Ox, The Tiger, The Rabbit, The Dragon, The Snake, The Horse, The Goat, The Monkey, The Rooster, The Dog, and also, The Pig.

According to, we have a note on the Horse. So, the site says, “Associated with the earthly branch and the hours 11-13 at midday”.

It’s worth noting that Metal Horse is all about being calm, collected, balanced, honest, and principled. Moreover, there’s slowness and straightforwardness as well in this horse.

Other Years Of This Horse

Now that we have a brief idea about Metal horse, let’s take a look at the other years. So, the other years of the horse are 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026. Moreover, it’s worth noting that the horse occupies the 7th position in the Chinese Zodiac. In other words, it’s after the snake and before the goat.

So, now’s the time to give you a quick little fact about this horse. Well, did you know that there are celebs as well who fall in this horse year? So, as per the sources, we know that stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson fall in the year of the horse.

A Few Characteristics And Personality Traits Of The Horse

Now’s the time to know a few more about the metal horse. Did you know that people who fall into the years of the horse have a few qualities?

So, this Horse has an unwavering amount of ‘steely’ determination as well as focus. In other words, they like to focus on one thing and pursue a goal with all their might. However, in that process, they can also become a bit distant.

People belonging to Metal Horse go about their life in a very mechanical fashion as well. However, they do have brilliance about themselves from the very word go. In other words, they are also quite positive, energetic, and headstrong.

Apart from that, they do have a certain tenacity as well. Moreover, they are quite ever-changing in their emotional life. For example, let’s say somebody is feeling a bit sad due to some reason. After a while, you will see them angry.

So, we can say that they do have a fluctuating mindset. We can also call this a contradiction against their view of life. However, that’s how they are and also they like to understand other people’s thoughts.

Types Of Meta Horse

Apart from the metal horse, there are other types of horses as well. For example, we see water horses, who are emotional. Wood horses, who are full of imagination. In addition, we also have a fire horse full of brightness and energy. We also have earth horse who like to stay optimistic and kind.