Riveting Facts On Helio Castroneves’ Fiance Adriana Henao

Adriana Henao

If you know the four-time Indianapolis 500 champion, Helio Castroneves, then surely you’d want to know more about his personal life. So, as per the reports, Adriana Henao is the fiance of Helio and she’s also an athlete herself. Yes, she is a prolific marathon runner herself and has done remarkably well in her field. So, even though fans know her particularly as the finance of Helio, she has created a niche for herself. 

If you are curious to know more about Adriana Henao and her life, then you are in the right place. In this article, we shall discuss some exciting facts on Adriana and her relationship with Castroneves. Moreover, we shall also look into her career as a marathon runner. 

Learn About Adriana, The Fiance Of Helio

So, as we said earlier, she is a prolific marathon runner. Moreover, she’s also a great fitness instructor as well. In addition, she also has a website and does have a business. So, overall we can see that she has made a name for herself. In fact, it’s also true that she has found an awesome partner in Helio who’s also quite an athlete himself. 

7 years ago in 2014, Adriana Henao computed in the New York City Marathon and because of that won fame from people. Talking about his fiance’s performance Helio said, “I am so proud of the dedication and commitment Adry has shown in both her training and fundraising. She has supported me in my IndyCar racing for so long, and I’m glad I can do the same for her tomorrow.”

Adriana Henao has also praised her finance Helio because he has helped her a lot. In fact, she has expressed her gratitude for him for taking over at home so that she could train. 

Her Age & Other Details 

Well, we don’t know the exact date of birth of Adriana. However, there’s a possibility that the famous marathon runner was born between 1975 to 1985. Therefore, she’s in around her mid-forties. As for her height, she stands tall at 5 ft 6 inches. She’s the fiance of Helio and shares a daughter whose name is Mikaella. Since she likes to keep her life lowkey from the media, there are not many details available to us. 

Running A Pajama Brand With Her Daughter

It’s worth noting that she’s also an entrepreneur and runs a pajama brand with her daughter. Her clothing business Be. Pluma is a well flourishing one and her daughters help her with it. According to the website, Adriana Henao has described it in a unique way as well. 

According to her, the philosophy of Plumah is about supporting the children and empowering them to explore, create and realize their dreams and ideas. Due to Covid19, the plans changed but not the end goal at all. In fact, Adriana added that the company focuses on her daughter Mikaella’s creative process to create new things. 

Mikaella just loves to craft and make her own line of Pajamas so her mother helped her to make it big. Yes, she put her ideas on paper and brought soul to them. In fact, Adriana is all praises for her daughter as it’s her who’s the soul of this venture. 

“The important thing is that she enjoyed every second and let her imagination fly. We celebrate powerful women, those who are entrepreneurs and those who face new challenges, the dreamers and the creative.”

Final Thoughts:

Adriana’s life is certainly interesting as she’s a woman of multiple talents. She’s not just a Marathon runner but also a wonderful entrepreneur who brings life to her daughter’s ideas.