Grenada vs St. Kitts Citizenship: Choosing the Best

Grenada vs St. Kitts Citizenship Choosing the Best

Visiting different countries, every self-respecting entrepreneur asks himself a question, how can one facilitate the system of investment in a particular country? Leading the way in issuing passports, privileges and opportunities for profitable activities are the Caribbean islands. Not only are they attractive for their stunning views, quality service and vacation destination, but they are also known for their simplified requirements for doing business. 

The most common option for obtaining a special status to stay in the islands is through investment programs. There are two types of Caribbean citizenship. Obtaining passports is generally beneficial for both, but the programs have differences and peculiarities. Get St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship through investment, as in Grenada, is much faster than the usual system of issuing permanent residency. 

So which type of preference is better?

Life and work in Grenada

The island of Grenada is an independent state, the economic component of which is the agricultural industry and, of course, tourist activities. It is considered that this passport system is one of the earliest, it was launched more than 15 years ago, which means that the mechanism works. The well-coordinated process and productive work demonstrate to the whole world that this program is the most popular in the society of investors and businessmen. Based on the statistics of the world-known company “Immigrant Invest” the easiest and the most reliable way to become a citizen of Grenada is to invest at least $150,000 of your personal funds or your company’s funds on the territory of the state. The chance to be part of the advancement of the Caribbean economy is inspiring and promises enticing prospects. The document is valid for 5 years.

Svetlana Gorchakova of Immigrant Invest described in detail two options for acquiring Grenada citizenship by investment: to participate in the program by investing your finances to build housing, hotels and other residential and non-residential buildings, or to make a donation to the country’s foundation.

It is the Grenada CBI program that allows you not only to set up a highly profitable business in another country, but also to become a bi-national. When you have a passport of this country, you have the following opportunities:

  • to visit 120 countries (e.g., England, Spain, USA, Singapore, China) freely, without having to apply for visas or other permits;
  • the opportunity to issue E-2 in the States;
  • no income tax on worldwide income;
  • chance of Grenada citizenship.

With these advantages, new doors and bank accounts are opened before the entrepreneur, which will increase the fortune many times over. 

When including relatives, remember that there are no age requirements for parents and grandparents, but brothers or sisters can only be processed as minors and without their own families.

St Kitts. The choice of the elite

These islands are popular for their luxurious lifestyle and beauty, so entrepreneurs are willing to invest a considerable amount of money here. One of the most recognized programs for investment citizenship – saint kitts. It is suitable for wealthy people who are known throughout the world. Agree, it’s nice to realize the fact that your property is next door to the home of a famous actor or politician. Documents that you need include a full range of standard contracts for the purchase of housing on the island. The passport is valid for 10 years. There is no visa-free travel to China.

Most often, when investing funds in the amount of 160,000 dollars after 4-5 months you already become a full passport holder. The cost of such a program is calculated individually, because it all depends on the number of members of your family, as they participate automatically. The islands accept the husband/wife, their children, brothers and sisters up to 30 years, and parents or other elderly relatives to participate in the program must be 55 years old.

An interesting observation: there is no need to specially fly in for all possible documents for st kitts citizenship, as the system is digitized as much as possible. This makes it possible for entrepreneurs to get st kitts passport without having to take a break from their business dealings.

What to choose from the two programs?

Immigration  is a very individual process, especially if your goal is investment. When a wealthy person is faced with the choice of which type of passport to apply for, there is no definite answer, because the preferences of the investor are important, and the programs themselves are similar in many ways. 

Grenada is considered cheaper than St. Kitts in all areas. But the latter provides special status for 10 years and has no E-2 visa with the US, when the passport of the former is only for 5 years. 

Think about what the purpose of your investment is and what benefits you want to get. These two CBI programs have the same number of investors, but if you want more mobility in general – the decision is one, and if the special conditions regarding specific countries – another.

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