Interesting Facts About Lorraine Martin Smothers

Lorraine Martin Smothers

Lorraine Martin Smothers became popular after marrying Chris Wallace, a political commentator. She is a beautiful woman and an eminent writer of cookbooks. This article intends to feed you with sound information about her life. 

Who is Lorraine Martin Smothers?

The birth of Lorraine Martin Smothers took place on 8th April 1959 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. So her present age is 62. Her astrological sign is Aries.

As to the names of her parents, siblings, and kith and kin, not much is known. So it is likely that she prefers to keep her personal and family life away from the spotlight. Even she herself was away from the limelight until her marriage.

Educational Qualification:  

Lorraine Martin Smothers must be a literate person as she authored multiple books. She might have completed her graduation, if not post-graduation. Unless she is a dropout or herself decided to quit studying, she is expected to complete her higher education.


I know you people are eager to acquire knowledge about the nuptial life of Lorraine Martin Smothers. She mainly caught light after her marriage with American actor, musician, composer, comedian Dick Smothers. Before that, she lived the life of an ordinary girl. However, Dick Smothers was very popular for his role on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour on CBS in the late 60s. But her first marriage did not last too long. It ended in 1993. Later she tied the knot with Chris Wallace in 1997. He is a Fox News Journalist. He has been with the network since 2005.

Wallace and Smothers reside in Washington.DC that costs them $1.1 million. provides this information. 

Kids of  Lorraine Martin Smothers  and Wallace:

I know you are curious to know about the kids of Lorraine Martin Smothers. So let me tell you about them. Smother has one son and one daughter from her past relationship. Their names are Sarah and Remick. From his first marriage with Elizabeth Farrell, Wallace also had four children. Peter, Megan. Andrew and Catherine are the names of their children. 

Lorraine Martin Smothers as Author and Chef:

Lorraine Martin Smothers is an established author and a good chef. She wrote three cookbooks. Her “Mrs. Sunday’s Soups” is the Amazon bestseller. Due to her husband’s busy schedule as the host of the Sunday morning program at Fox News clashing with her son’s sports schedule, she got anxious about how to feed them time and keep them healthy.

After much deliberation, she decided to serve the different types of soup every week. This thought drove her to experiment with varied recipes of soup and eventually, she ended up authoring more than one cookbook. So the name of her first cookbook is “Mrs. Sunday’s Soups”(2010). Then in 2012, her second book, “Mr. Sunday’s Saturday Night Chicken” came out. Then in 2015, she published “Mr. and Mrs. Sunday’s Suppers”.

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