Know About The Seven Best And High-paying Welding Jobs Near Me

Welding Jobs Near Me

Do you want to be a welder? If you are prepared to work hard and have the skills to join metal parts, you can become a welder. You can get a good salary if you get a job from popular welding companies. But you may wonder, are any welding jobs near me? Don’t worry because many companies are hiring welders, and you can work for them and improve your life. You can put your skills to good use. 

These companies have great expectations from the welder job candidates. They are looking for welders who can study the blueprints and know how to calculate the dimensions of the parts before welding them. They must melt the metal parts using heat but should be cautious against overheating them. Also, they have to be expert at using the latest welding equipment and machinery. 

Here are the pick of the seven best welding jobs for you to apply. 

  • Carlton Staffing Services 

$17 – $25 an hour

The Carlton Staffing Services is hiring a full-time welder. This company is one of the best staffing services that offer quality jobs for job seekers. They are looking for a welder who knows to weld components with semi-automatic or manual welding equipment in automotive parts. Also, they expect welders who can interpret the blueprints, diagrams, schematics and more. They must set up the welding components to fabricate and join the metals using the right welding techniques. 

They require a welder with high school diploma and GED. Also, a minimum of five to seven years of experience in the welding job is preferable. 

  • Consolidated Machine & Welding

$19.00 an hour

This welding company is looking for a full-time welder with great skills. This company started operating in 1993 and is a leader in metal fabrication and machine services. You can also work for this company known for its amazing craftsmanship and quick turnaround in the welding business. 

Some of the expected responsibilities of the welder are welding metal parts together according to the blueprint. Also, ability to do spot welding based on emergency requirements. 

They require a welder with a high school diploma and one year of welding experience.

  • MAT Holdings, Inc

$24.50 an hour 

MAT Holdings, Inc is an entrepreneurial manufacturer of global and domestic resources. They sell their products to big box retailers, hardware stores, home improvement stores and more. They are looking for certified welders who are experts at wire feed welding positions to manufacture air compressors. Also, the job requires repetitive lifting of heavy stuff. The employee has to weld metals without any defects. 

They require a welder with a high school diploma or GED. They are also ready to train welders with little experience. 

  • NYC Careers 

$548 an hour

The New York Police Department is hiring welders to keep their facility in good condition. It is managed by the Building Maintenance Section (BMS), which plays a key role in maintaining the department facilities. It does multiple renovations, so they require a welder to do works like brushing and grinding welds and performing rigging. They have to show great thoughtfulness in their work and be team players. 

The welder should have five years of experience in the field and the ability to do electric arc and oxy-acetylene welding. Plus, they must have a New York City Department of Buildings-issued valid welder’s license. 

  • Ice Industries Inc.

$31,000 – $42,000 a year

Ice Industries is a well-known company looking for certified and non-certified welders. The welder’s responsibilities include doing large-scale tank jobs, checking quality, airtight welds, should follow the blueprint and more. New welders have to go through training to become the expert welders. 

They require welders with a high school diploma and advanced blueprint reading skills. Also have to be physically fit to carry out tough chores like lifting, pushing, prying and more. 

  • Carry On Trailer Inc

$18 an hour 

Carry On Trailer Inc is a trailer production company hiring welders for various jobs. Expected work includes fabricating, assembling and welding metals and steel components for the trailers. The welder also has to assist other welders and work as a team with them. They have to inspect the welding and check for quality and defects. 

They want welders with high school qualifications or GED. Two to three years of welding experience is preferable. 

  • Caterpillar

$20.66 an hour and bonus offered if applicable 

Caterpillar is a manufacturing and supply chain looking for a welder trainee. The welder will get the training to set up and operate the manual and automatic machines. Also, they can learn to operate robotic welding equipment. Expected to do documented procedures and meet the standards. Also need to cut and gouge the carbon. 

An educational background is required to become an eligible candidate for the job. Need experience in welding ½” or more thick materials. 

Final thoughts 

If you are searching for welding jobs near me online, what are you waiting for? Find the best jobs from the top companies. Apply for it now as they are hiring urgently.