How to Fax for Free Online (Step by Step Guide)


Fax is a highly endorsed and useful way of communication as it provides you with a confidential window to transfer your documents and files. Although fax has always been used as a primary mode of communication, its usage has been declined since the incorporation of new technology and social media.

Despite the lack of need, there are still certain uses that require a fax machine. However, to avoid the bulky stress of old fax machines and traditional ways of faxing, the fax can now be sent online digitally over an internet connection. Here is a step by step guide for sending faxes online.

Cocofax: Your Online Fax Transfer Service:

CocoFax is a highly beneficial and utilitarian application that is highly recognized and reputed as an extensive service for sending faxes online. CocoFax is highly adept for your needs and provides you with the ultimate online fax solution. With CocoFax, you can send faxes directly from a PC and enjoy free online faxing for a month.

Cocofax: Your Online Fax Transfer Service:

CocoFax is a highly regarded and mentioned application that has its task acknowledged through immense popularity and notable content. CocoFax is the only thing you need for fax transmission. You can learn more from here and get a detailed briefing on our service. CocoFax is noted by digitally recognized brands such as Buzz Feed, CNET, Tom’s Guide, Android Authority, and the New York Times.

Why Is CocoFax The Best?

CocoFax is a well-reputed application and a digital service that provides you with a free one month trial to explore the services we bestow to our clients. CocoFax is the only free online service that provides you with minimal and affordable packages for your office use.

CocoFax is a maestro in its service and working, receiving recognition and support from all across the globe owing to its immense popularity and aesthetic service. The best thing is that it only requires a stable internet connection from where you can send the fax online. CocoFax requires no hidden charges.

CocoFax assimilates the need for bulky office equipment and the need for space or fax machines. All you require is the fax number which will be provided to you by the site to send the fax. CocoFax only requires a digital internet connection to assist in your fax transmission. All we require from you is your sacred trust upon which you will be bestowed with our matchless services.

Why Is CocoFax The Best

Is Fax Sending Possible On A PC?

The process of fax transmission is really easy and also seems easy with the help of CocoFax. The sending procedure is specially built by software engineers and talented IT professionals to ensure your comfort and to guarantee you a stress-free and easy fax transmission service.

CocoFax is easy to use for the transmission of fax as well as receiving it on your personal computer. All you need to do is to connect your pc to a router and ensure internet access on it. As soon as you provide it with an internet connection and open our website, you will be able to send the fax through your pc.

The steps in which this is done is really easy as well as there is very little time consumption in the process. You can enjoy the service free for a month and as your package expires, you can subscribe to our affordable packages specifically built for customers.

Is Fax Sending Possible On A PC

How Is The Fax Sent And Received on A PC (Step by Step Guide)?

The fax sending procedure on your computer is stated below in easy steps. The steps are clearly mentioned and made easy for contemplation and diverse audiences. Here is what you need to do to send or receive a fax on your pc.

Step 1:

CocoFax needs you to connect your pc to a stable internet connection to ensure the safe installation of the application. All you require is to toggle the website “” and click on the register account button to open the detail box. The detail box requires some of your credentials.

CocoFax needs

Step 2:

The detail box is the place where you need to enter your credentials so that your account is securely created and can be used easily for fax transmission. CocoFax requires certain credentials such as E-mail addresses and identification. As you enter the details, your account gets registered and you will be allotted a free fax number.

free fax number

Step 3:

The fax number is just like your identification and serves as an email address. Your fax number becomes your identity and this is how you can receive the fax on your pc. For sending the fax, enter the fax number where you want it to be transferred and CocoFax immediately transfer your fax in less than a minute.

Receive Fax

How to Receive Fax on Your PC?

Just like sending, the receiving procedure is also simple and does not require or causes any complications. All you require is a free fax number which is allotted to you upon account creation to provide your fax number to the sender and receive the fax on your pc effortlessly.

Moreover, CocoFax has further sublimated the process of receiving the fax by providing a free file conversion plug-in to the service. Now your fax will automatically get converted into a PDF file which can easily be shared through other applications as well as can be used anywhere too.

CocoFax requires no extra charges and provides the service free for a month.


CocoFax is the only application that administers free of cost service as well as certain other advantages such as file conversion and immediate transfer. All you need to do is to connect your pc to the internet and use CocoFax for sending and receiving the fax directly on your computer.

CocoFax is the only application that is specifically built for client satisfaction and therefore, ensures you contentment and ease in usage of the application. Moreover, there are no charges for your fax transmission so you can always count on CocoFax.

CocoFax is from where your faxes are made digital in this era of technology.

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