Muslim Weddings: Nikkah Online is Possible in Dubai

Muslim Weddings Nikkah Online is Possible in Dubai

Traditionally religious marriages have their fair share of values and norms. When it comes to Muslim weddings, both, groom and bride families fully participate in the wedding festivities. The family elders set up the dates, finalize the venues and decide on the catering. Wedding shopping begins way before even. But what makes a Muslim wedding unique? Let’s take a brief insight into getting a nikah online. 

Learn about Online Nikah Ceremony 

Nikkah is the marriage contract between bride and groom. Signing the Nikah documents makes a couple legal in Islamic law. 

Usually, nikkah takes place in a mosque (a popular trend) or a mutually selected venue. The nikah ceremony is supposed to be simple to avoid any financial burden. Due to the pandemic, nikkah online is also possible! 

This is common especially among those couples where the groom is in a foreign country while the bride is in her native country. Under uncanny circumstances, the use of Skype is really handy for online nikkah. 

Is online nikah possible? 

Usually in a traditional marriage proposal is conveyed through family elders. In case of the absence of parents, the next elder in the family can ask for the bride’s hand on behalf of the groom and vice versa. 

However, an online nikah can be done after the proposal with a remote marriage contract. The authorities can communicate with the couple and the guardian. To maintain the social distancing during covid remote nikah works best. 

How to get the procedure of online nikah started? 

Let’s say you are planning to get married in Dubai. But due to COVID it’s an online nikah. To get the remote marriage contract you can visit the Ministry of Justice, click on the e-service option and choose the function. 

Choose the e-Zawaj System option (an icon with wedding rings). You need to submit the required information. Once you are done with it, book an appointment. The Ministry of Justice will appoint an imam to recite Quranic verses via video conference. 

Some of the other basic requirements also include like ; 

  • The Witnesses

Even for an online nikah ceremony, you need at least two male witnesses from both sides. After the recitation of nikkah verses, permission is granted for “I do” or “Qabool” 3 times with their own free will. 

  • Cost of online nikah 

Once the marriage dates are confirmed, you need to make online payments. The contract is also signed electronically and then sent to Sharia court via email.  Once all provided information is verified by the court, the marriage contract is ratified and sent to the couple on their contact information. 

A Muslim couple looking to get married online can require the help of Easy Weddings, to make arrangements on their behalf. The process is simple and easy. Just provide the right documents including your ID and the rest of the services will be taken care of!