How to Pick the Most Efficient Forex Broker in Asia?

Forex Broker in Asia

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The recent months have seen both CFD and retail forex trading gain significant momentum all over the world. The scenario has been the same even in Asia. Moreover, thanks to the emerging markets in the continent, it is currently one of the best places to carry out forex trading. 

If you finally decide to trade in Asia, you will have a tough time choosing a forex broker. That’s because this part of the world is home to hundreds of brokers who will claim to offer you the best possible results as far as returns, and profits are concerned. The section below will help you to find the best broker to make it big in the Asian forex market. 

How to Spot the Best Asian Forex Broker?

Selecting the right forex broker in Asia is critical. You may be the most efficient trader around, but you will never be able to taste constant success without the assistance of a good broker. If you end up working with someone who is not regulated, works using inadequate or wrong trading tools, possesses high spreads, or doesn’t have all the ingredients required to make a top broker, you will not enjoy enough profits despite being a qualified and efficient trader. 

The regulatory environment Asian brokers need to work in is pretty complex. To be a successful forex broker in this part of the world, one has to abide by an unfriendly, unclear, and expensive regulatory environment. 

For instance, the Indonesian government only allows brokers possessing a local license to set up an office in the country. Similarly, although the authorities in Labuan, Malaysia allow international forex or CFD broker to do business in the region, none of them can operate properly in the entire country. 

These strict and unwelcoming laws force many brokers to start operating without regulation. Working with such a broker can cause serious damage to CFD and forex traders. However, there are some exceptions. Here are a couple of things you must consider when contemplating whether or not you should hire an unregulated broker: 

  1. A broker who is operating in Asia without regulation can follow offshore regulations, which can offer the required protection to the traders. Examples of regulatory bodies in other countries include the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) of Australia, and so on. 
  1. You may come across unregulated brokers enjoying a great reputation. Under certain circumstances, it might not be a bad idea to opt for one of those brokers and make the most of his or her reputation to increase your worth in the forex market. For instance, you can work with a reputable unregulated broker if the person is offering you higher bonuses and leverage compared to a not-so-famous regulated broker.

Here, you must know that the Philippines still doesn’t have any regulatory framework meant for forex brokers. So, if you have plans to trade in the country, you must do so with additional caution. When trading forex in the Philippines, you will either need to work with a broker following international regulations or an unregulated local broker enjoying a great reputation. When trading in other parts of Asia, however, you will have the option of hiring a regulated broker. 

Don’t Forget to Check the Spreads and Commissions 

You must know your broker’s way of making money before you hire him/her. If the broker you are looking to work with takes commissions, you should be ready to pay the person a specific percentage of the bid-ask spread. For those who don’t know, the term “spread” is used for the gap between a forex pair’s bid and ask. A broker who doesn’t charge any commission, on the other hand, makes money through wider spreads. 

Check the Funding and Withdrawal Procedures 

You shouldn’t give any money to a broker without reviewing the funding and withdrawal procedures of the brokerage firm he/she represents. Some brokers will make you wait for a long period before allowing you to trade if you fund through wire transfers or checks. You will also come across brokers that will make you pay massive fees when you close your account or withdraw funds. 

Particularly, the process of closing your account can be tiring and stressful. You may need to fill out big forms, speak to company representatives time and again to confirm that you are not ready to change your decision, and take unnecessary surveys. 

The brokerage firm can make you wait for weeks for getting your money even if you have earned profits from a less reputable operation. 

The Forex Trading Hubs in Asia 

Singapore has been the biggest Asian forex trading hub for years. The country currently has more than 30 forex options and futures contracts for trading. What’s more, Singapore’s financial regulatory body, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), has licensed close to 150 brokers to do regulated business in the country. What’s more inspiring is that the five biggest banks in the world have their local forex trading teams working in Singapore. 

The scenario is also quite exciting in Japan. That’s because Tokyo, Japan’s capital, hosts the Asian forex trading session. The session starts at 12 GMT and covers as much as 20% of the entire forex trade volume. Additionally, recently obtained numbers suggest that around 16.8% of the forex transactions include the yen, the official currency of Japan. However, you must know there’s no need to be a resident of Japan for trading pairs that include yen. Know more download mt4 for iphone

The other most high-performing Asian forex trading centres are Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. 


Never work with an Asian forex broker that has just begun its journey. You must look for a broker that is operating at least for a decade and enjoys a great reputation among existing customers. Before picking a broker, look for reviews and feedback online to know the satisfaction quotient of its existing customers.  

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