Learn How to Bet On Horse Racing Online

Horse Racing

Horse racing has been a much-loved sport for centuries, and the introduction of new technology has changed it for the better in recent years.  

How can you now place your stakes on a horse race online? 

Find a Reputable, Regulated Site

The very first step is to check that online sports betting is legal where you live. In the US, this varies by state, with several states making it legal thanks to the introduction of new legislation in the last couple of years. 

If it is legal to bet where you live, you should then look to see which betting sites are licensed to operate there. Typically, only a few operators are licensed in each American state, and using them gives you the confidence of joining a fully regulated site that takes your safety seriously.

Getting started is easy, as you just need to join as a new member and then choose a payment method to fund your account with. In this way, you will be ready to start placing bets in next to no time.

Look out for a sign up offer that lets you get started with extra funds. This will allow you to get settled in and start betting with more money than your own. You should also be able to take part in ongoing promotions once you have joined, giving you more chances to pick up bonuses and deals.

Research the Races You Are Interested In

You can place bets on horse races regardless of whether you are already an expert on the sport or are trying it for the first time. All of the information you need to understand about the form of the horses taking part can now be found online.

Of course, it is up to you to decide how much time you want to dedicate to researching the races. You might be comfortable just putting a little bit of effort into this, or you might decide to spend a lot of time delving into all of the records, news stories and other information that you can find on the internet.

There are lots of races run every day in different parts of the world, so you might wonder how to narrow down your options. Well, some people prefer to stick to the biggest events like the Kentucky Derby, the Dubai World Cup, Belmont Stakes 2021 or the Ascot Gold Cup.

Others will look for horses whose names they recognize or jockeys who have won for them in the past.  Alternatively, you could check out some of the latest racing tips and analysis from experts to help you choose your race and a certain horse. 

Choose Your Type of Bet and Stake

Once you know what race you want to bet on and the horse you are interested in, the next step is to decide the exact details of the wager. 

Online betting lets you play with stakes from just a couple of dollars, so you can start off as gently as you want to, or you could be bold and place larger stakes if that suits you.

Remember to take a responsible approach. You should never chase losses or bet more than you can afford to lose. A good, regulated betting site will have a section that covers responsible gambling and that lets you see how you can keep your betting under control and keep it fun.

There are also the different types of bet to consider. The simplest is when you put your money on the horse that you think will win the race. Be sure to check the program numbers to find the horse you want to back, and check that all of the details are correct before confirming the wager.

You can also place other types of bet, such as exacta and trifecta. The exacta bet is when you predict the first two horses to cross the winning line. If you opt for a trifecta, you will need to predict the first three horses home. This option is more difficult to get right, but it gives you the chance of bigger wins.

Try the Mobile Approach

Being able to bet on the world’s greatest horse races from your home is a great feeling. But what if you want to get even more flexibility and do this using a mobile device? The fact that you can download a free app and place your wagers from anywhere gives you an extra way of enjoying this hobby.

Just download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store, depending upon the type of device that you use. After this, you can log in the same way you would on a PC or laptop, and start wagering. It is very easy to get started with the highest possible level of security and convenience.

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