Some Aspects about a Mechanic?

diesel mechanic

While most of us have heard the term “mechanic,” we do not understand the term completely or what it implies. It is a generic term used to denote a person who works in a particular field and specialize for the mechanics in that specific industry. They are  certified by a trade association and are employed only after they have gained the required knowledge, skills, and experience in those fields or the mechanic services.


The job title “mechanic” can apply to any individual who can take complete care of a mechanical device, right from its installation, maintenance, and repair. Usually, this term is associated with a technician who works in a car or auto industry, there are many other fields and industries where the mechanics can be seen working.

Different type of Mechanics

There are various types of mechanics, based on a particular field, such as auto mechanics, refrigeration mechanics, air conditioning mechanics, bicycle mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, bus mechanics, boiler mechanics, and more.

There are two broad Classifications of Mechanics:

  • Heavyweight mechanics: Heavyweight mechanics work on complex larger machines or heavy equipment such as tanks, tractors, and trailers.
  • Lightweight mechanics: Lightweight mechanics work on smaller machines like automotive engines.

Some of the common types of Mechanics that we meet every day are :

The car mechanic also known as an Auto mechanic, he is probably the most common type of mechanic you come across. You find him working on cars and different vehicles in places like an auto shop and dealerships.

  • Heavy vehicle mechanic: As evident from the name, these mechanics work on heavyweight vehicles like forklift, JCB, tractors, rails, etc. Due to their nature of work, these mechanics usually need to work on-site.
  • Motorcycle mechanic: You are sure to run into a motorcycle mechanic at some of the other points and find him working on a bike of different models and makes. But, if you own special bikes that come with a special engine and design, then you would need special mechanic for the same. Some of the brands that require special motorcycle mechanics are Harley Davidsons, Yamahas, and Triumph.
  • Small engine mechanic: The small engine mechanic works on smaller engines in boat engines, lawnmowers and even on jet skis or snowmobiles.
  • Diesel mechanic: A diesel mechanic is trained specially to work on diesel engines and hence is seen working on buses and trucks. Their task focuses majorly on doing preventative maintenance in diesel mechanics.
  • Aircraft mechanics: The mechanics who work on an aircraft handle the maintenance of planes, helicopters and passenger jets. Their prime responsibility is to ensure that the aircraft is fit to fly and safe for the passengers and crew.
  • Auto glass mechanic: These individuals are skilled and trained to repair and replace the glasses of the vehicle. They are usually employed by the workshops rendering auto repair services. They also provide glass weatherproofing services.
  • Air conditioning mechanics: These individuals specialize in maintaining, repair, replacement and installation of the residential and commercial HVAC system.

Besides the kind of mechanics mentioned above, there is some more kind of mechanics such as motorboat mechanics, farm equipment mechanics, mobile heavy equipment mechanics, and more.

It can be a good career option, especially when we have a growing number of vehicles hitting the road and number of technological developments which demands the skills and knowledge of a professional mechanic. One can contemplate on a lucrative new career depending on the company and the types of mechanics involved. All you need to do is understanding the needs of each sector and evaluate as to what interests you the most. The employment outlook for service mechanics is indeed bright, and statistics predict steady growth.


Final Call: Get the right field of expertise before you enter the workforce. The job opportunities for mechanics can vary based on the sector, education, and experience. Make sure that you collect all the information about the field in which you want to gain expertise, what are its job prospects and income. It will help you make a great career.