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According to the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), there were over 3 million homeschool students in grades K-12 in the United States. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? However, when taken into context, these statistics paint an even bigger picture. With more parents trying out homeschooling, there’s a greater need for online tutoring services, especially in core subjects like math. But where can you find suitable websites? More importantly, where can you find the best math courses for kids

The answer is simple: Brighterly. Recently, many parents have turned to this platform for math learn help. In this article, we’ll explore this online tutoring service and explain why it’s a great choice for any homeschooling parent. Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? 

What Is Brighterly?

Brighterly is an online learning platform that has taken the educational sector by storm. It challenges the conventional method of teaching math and utilizes kid-friendly teaching strategies instead. 

This platform offers personalized lessons for kids in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and up to Grade 5. Its team of expert tutors share a common goal: making math a fun experience for young learners. In each class, theory is combined with fun games, interactive activities, and hands-on learning, which helps create an engaging lesson. 

How It Works

Getting started on Brighterly is pretty simple for anyone. All you have to do is choose a schedule that works for you and determine how many lessons you’d like to pay for. 

Brighterly offers three different pricing packages:

  1. 48 classes (comes with three make-up lessons and one parent-tutor meeting). 
  2. 96 classes (comes with seven make-up lessons and two parent-tutor meetings). 
  3. 144 classes (comes with fifteen make-up lessons and at least 1 parent-tutor meeting per week). 

All the plans come with flexible scheduling, class notes, and knowledge evaluation. This way, you get the full experience regardless of the subscription plan you choose. Parents can also request a free lesson to get a feel of the Brighterly experience before they make a financial commitment. 

Why Brighterly? 

Why is Brighterly the best choice when it comes to mathematics for kids? While there are numerous online tutoring services on the market, Brighterly stands out for the following reasons:

Fun, interactive learning 

A group of children sit in front of their teacher, wide-eyed and ready to learn about plants and agriculture. Outside, a beautiful garden blooms, which presents a teacher with a great opportunity to provide hands-on learning. Instead, students turn away and focus on reading a textbook. 

This scenario is quite relatable for many traditional classrooms. In conventional classrooms, children’s questions are often stifled in favor of the “norm.”

Well, not with Brighterly. Brighterly focuses on providing young learners with a fun, interactive experience. This means that questions and curiosity are very much welcome. Children are encouraged to participate actively in class, thereby building their confidence and independence levels. 

More importantly, Brighterly utilizes game-based learning. Game-based learning involves using games or gaming principles to teach a concept. This strategy has proven useful for knowledge acquisition and retention. Overall, it contributes towards a fun, engaging classroom. 

One-on-one tutorship

Group learning is one of the shortfalls of traditional classrooms. Sure, learning alongside other students is great but it prevents kids from getting all the academic attention they need. With one teacher manning over a classroom of about 20 students, it’s nearly impossible to focus on what each child needs specifically. 

Fortunately, Brighterly offers one-on-one tutorship. This means that your child will have a one-on-one interaction with their tutor which makes learning more effective by a long shot. 

An adaptive curriculum 

Here’s the thing: children might look identical, play the same way, or even act similarly. However, beyond these similarities, they often have starkly different learning needs. Student A might need only five minutes to learn a particular concept, while Student B might need much longer. 

To achieve learning goals despite these differences, tutors need to tailor their curriculum to meet each child’s specific needs. Luckily, Brighterly understands this and offers an adaptive curriculum for everyone. This way, learning goals are achieved faster and more smoothly. 

Brighterly lets you be a part of your kid’s journey

Progress monitoring is an integral part of homeschooling or online learning. For any homeschooling parent, it’s important to constantly measure a child’s progress against standard metrics. This way, you can ensure that kids aren’t lagging behind their friends in traditional public schools. 

With Brighterly, you can get a detailed report of your child’s academic progress. Thus, you can be in the front seat of your child’s academic journey. Consequently, you’ll be able to tell when your kid needs improvement in a specific area. 

Flexible scheduling 

For a working or homeschooling parent, it’s important to be involved in a child’s school performance even when they’re learning online. However, between work and daily travails of life, it becomes harder and harder to do so. 

Fortunately, Brighterly offers flexible scheduling to its users. This means that you can design schedules for lessons around your availability. At the end of the day, you’ll be fully involved in your child’s academic life without having to give up any aspect of your life. 

Final Thoughts 

Brighterly is currently the leading online tutoring service in the market. This online tutoring platform offers tons of perks to its users, from flexible scheduling to free trials and an adaptive curriculum. 

Most importantly, Brighterly offers a great refund policy in the unlikely event that you change your mind about it. You certainly can’t go wrong with this platform!

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