How Often Should I Pressure Wash My Roof?

House Washing

It’s easy to see when it’s time for annual house washing Wellington outside your home, but homeowners often forget their roof. While your roof may not need as much attention as the rest of your home, it is important to remember that the rain does not wash your tiles. In fact, rain and wind lead to an accumulation of debris on the roof, which leads to the growth of algae and moss.

Here is how often you should pressure wash your roof in Bay of Plenty
On average, pressure washing is recommended throughout the country every two to three years. Wellington homes may need it more frequently, especially after a severe storm. You should also make sure you always follow the HOA rules. If you notice dark spots on your roof, it is a sign that the mold is growing.

Depending on the materials of your roof, you may have to take special care when washing under pressure. An asphalt composite tile roof requires a gentle pressure wash that does not damage the granules in the tiles. Tile roofs also require a gentle wash.

Asphalt roofs
Pressure washing on a tile roof made of asphalt compound does not require more than approximately 30 psi. This is similar to a garden sprayer, but it needs special equipment to safely reach the entire roof. Professionals must pressure wash an asphalt roof. A professional pressure wash includes a special non-toxic cleaner that does not damage tiles or metal fasteners.

Tile roofs

Tile roofs are popular throughout house washing. It is important to take special care not to break the tiles while washing under pressure. Clay roofs and ceramic tiles require the same low configuration as asphalt tile materials. You can also seal clay tiles with a protective layer that discourages the growth of moss and other organisms.

Storm drain

Rain gutters are part of the roof system and should be washed when they are full of dirt, leaves and other debris. A thorough thorough cleaning cleans most gutters and downspouts.

This prevents mold growth under the roof eaves and on the walls of the building. Pressure washing of the ceiling must be carried out by a professional company.

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