Johnson Baby Lotion Causing Cancer – Is It True?

Johnson Baby Lotion

Whether you are a parent or not, you will know about Johnson baby products. In fact, their name has become synonymous with baby products. But, now many raised their concern over this company’s products. Well, there have been stories going around the internet that Johnson baby lotion causing cancer. So, to make things clear for you, this article will help. Keep reading to know more about it.

The Start Of The Controversy

Well, it all started due to a claim by a 62-year-old woman in the United States. Yes, she claimed that her ovarian cancer was due to J&J baby talc powder. Though there was no proof for such a claim, she ended up winning it. However, many experts were critical of this case because it is very hard to pinpoint the exact cause of cancer. So, saying that a single product caused cancer seems unrealistic from the scientific point of view.

Are J&J Products Tested For Safety?

Absolutely yes! The truth is, there are no regulatory tests for natural or ayurvedic baby products. In other words, you cannot say with certainty that a natural product is safe for the baby. On the other hand, this is not the case with J&J products. That’s right, they have to undergo rigorous testing to make sure that their products are safe even for sensitive babies. In fact, the regulation for such products is so strict that unless they clear them, you cannot buy them anywhere on earth.

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Is Talc Powder Good For Babies?

While some argue that talc itself is bad for babies and adults, others say it’s the best for the skin. The truth is, mineral-based talc has asbestos. For that reason, many say that it be dangerous to health. On the other hand, J&J talc is asbestos-free so you don’t need to worry about it being a health risk. In fact, many medicinal products use asbestos-free talc in their products.

Why Does Baby Powder Cause Rashes On The Skin?

Many believe that the pH levels in the product are the main reason for babies getting a skin rash. But, J&J products have natural levels of pH to keep the moisture intact. So, the product’s direct connection can be eliminated. On the other hand, many attribute skin rashes to the climate of the region. Yes, researchers found a specific type of skin condition known as atopic dermatitis in babies living in tropical climates. For such babies, there is an entirely different range of baby products that are specifically for hypersensitive skin. So, you can avoid getting rashes by using such products.

Imported J&j Products – Are They Better?

Well, some believe that imported products are way better in quality. However, all J&J products, produced anywhere in the world, have the same base ingredients. Of course, you can notice slight fragrance and colour changes. But, those slight differences depending on the country’s overall preferences.

Why Use Fragrance For Baby Products?

As you know, when a newborn comes into this world, it constantly learns and enjoys different smells. So, using approved fragrances in baby products pleases the sense of smell in the baby. Of course, such ingredients are present after rigorous testing and approval process.

In the end, Johnson baby lotion causing cancer is just a baseless myth. So, go ahead and use J&J products without any fear.

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