How To Fix Zoom Error Code 10004, Explained

Zoom error code 10004 is a common error that pops up due to various reasons. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to fix the issue.

Zoom Error Code 10004

As we know, Zoom is an extremely handy software that we use mostly for formal video conferencing and online meetings. However, many people have complained of Zoom error code 10004. So, this is quite a common error that can come from many reasons. However, you don’t have to worry because, like any application error, this one also has a simple fix. 

If you have installed the Zoom app and now facing this error, then you are at the right place. Here we will share some simple ways to fix this issue. So, now’s the time to go through this article and find out all you need to know about fixing the infamous Zoom error 10004. 

An Overview Of Zoom

Well, before we talk about the error, it’s important to know a few details about the Zoom application. So, Zoom is a popular application that’s widely used for remote work, social networking, and distance learning. In fact, many people use it for formal video conferencing purposes. In offices, people use Zoom to conduct various meetings or hold interviews. It’s the perfect virtual video communication company that strives to provide amazing benefits to millions worldwide. 

What Does The Zoom Update Error Code 10004 Mean?

Now, it’s time to explore Zoom error code 10004. So, many people have complained of seeing this error on their devices. In fact, it’s worth noting that the Zoom client update issue is heavily related to this problem. When people join in a Zoom call, a question will pop up, preventing them from joining a Zoom meeting. 

So, the Zoom client cannot connect to the Zoom server in this process, and that’s how this error pops up. It’s important to note that this issue can occur on various OS, from Windows to Mac OS. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons behind this error. 

  • Zoom Client Auto-Update Error 10004

The Zoom application may report an error if it can’t update to the latest version. 

  • Problems Related to Internet Connectivity

Numerous factors, such as network congestion, poor network connection, and others can cause errors in the Zoom application. 

  • Error Due To The Running Third-Party Apps

Sometimes, third-party applications running in the background of your device can cause this error. For example, antivirus software may interrupt the internet connection. That’s how a break can occur between the Zoom client and Zoom servers. 

  • Zoom’s Server Issues

The 10004 error can also occur if the Zoom servers are unavailable or undergoing maintenance. So, this can render the platform unusual for users. 

How To Fix Zoom Error 10004?

Since we know the causes of the errors, it’s time to take a look at how you can fix it. There are a few simple ways to fix this persistent issue. 

  • Restarting the Router

If this error occurs due to an internet connectivity issue, then you can try restarting the router once. Sometimes the Wifi connection doesn’t work for many reasons. So, try restarting the router. 

  • Disabling The Anti-virus Software

As mentioned earlier, the error 10004 can occur from anti-virus-related problems. So, you can try disabling your anti-virus and see if the problem persists or not. 

  • Update The App

Users can try updating the Zoom app manually to fix the issue. 

  • Reinstall the Program

If everything fails, then you can try reinstalling the program. Sometimes that’s the only choice you have. So, it gives your application a fresh start and potentially solves the issue. 

  • Contact the Zoom support System

In the end, if nothing works at all, then you can try to contact the Zoom Support Team once. They can fix the issue for you. 


So, that’s how you can solve the Zoom error code 10004 issue. As we can see, there are many reasons why this error can pop up. However, we have plenty of ways to fix that issue as well.