Reality Behind The Cursed Horror Movie Antrum: What’s The Social Buzz?


Are you a fan of horror movies? Well, then you must have come across that netizens on social media platforms, especially TikTok, are discussing the movie Antrum. Presently it is also in the trending position.  As per the sources, the film is cursed, and it is the “deadliest movie ever made.” In fact, people have also died watching it, so be very careful if you plan to watch it. 

However, how is it possible in today’s world? So would you like to uncover the truth behind this movie? The claims that this movie has a curse have started on TikTok and other social networking sites. You need not worry; all these speculations are just rumors. It is a clever gimmick designed to give it a documentary and a true feel. Let us share with you all the relevant details!

What Is The Antrum Movie All About?

Many of you might have already started searching on the internet after looking at the title, right? You don’t need to go anywhere else as we will share all the exciting and horrific details of this apparently “cursed” movie. So this movie is actually a 2018 Canadian horror film. It is the brainchild of David Amito and Michael Lacini, and they were the directors as well.

Furthermore, the makers have divided the movie into two parts: an opening and closing frame narrative in the form of a mock documentary and a feature film. Moreover, the documentary purports to narrate the story of Antrum. They claim that the movie came out in the late 70s. 

In fact, for the film’s occult aspects, the makers Amito and Lacini also studied various historical and cultural depictions of demons and devils. Also, they derived inspiration from a short film by David B. Earle, “Dining Room” or “There is Nothing.” 

So accordingly, they cast the American actress Nicole Tompkins in the role of Oralee. Meanwhile, the makers cast the child actor Rowan Smyth in the role of her younger brother Nathan. Mostly the shooting took place in Southern California for one month. The film is available on Amazon Prime, so you can go ahead if you feel like watching it. It is entirely safe.

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Antrum Movie

What Is The Buzz In Social Media About Antrum?

So as we mentioned earlier, “Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made” claims to have a curse in this cinematic project from the late 1970s. In fact, according to them, it was lost for many years and is probably responsible for the death of almost anyone who has tried to watch it. Especially obstinate film festival organizers were the main victims.

People on Twitter and Tik Tok are uploading statuses where they are eager to watch the movie after knowing about this “curse” aspect. However, there is nothing in the film, and it is entirely safe for you to watch it. It is just a story that David Amito and Michael Lacini directed. 

Moreover, the movie follows the footsteps of films like the “Blair Witch Project.” It had also previously tried to confuse people into thinking they were real through a documentary shooting style. There was a similar kind of hype at that time as well. 

The Movie Claims That It Is The Cause Of Death Of Several Audience Members: What Is The Reality?

In today’s world, where science can explain everything, it is tough to believe them. However, these documentaries can actually make you think about these disturbing things and increase your curiosity. 

In February 2020, a British publication explained, “Horror movie Antrum claims that 56 audience members were killed in a tragic accident in 1988 when a small movie theatre in Budapest Hungary burnt to the ground. Another screening apparently claimed a further 30 lives in an unexplained explosion.” This narrative part of the “cursed” storyline is generating fear on social media. 

Even though the movie claims they have rediscovered the print from the 1970s from a long-lost cursed cult horror movie, everything is fictional. What is more interesting is that the film begins with a warning from an expert that “Antrum isn’t safe.”

However, there is nothing to worry about; this caution is entirely fake. According to a leading newspaper, the deaths and curses are just “part of the entire fake construct.” This is actually a “mockumentary about an infamously cursed film that literally kills those who watch it.” You can safely watch it!

Ending Note

Horror films and Antrum movies often come with a documentary or a caution that says that the incidents shown are true or beware of watching the film. But the makers have included all of this to ensure that the film catches the audience’s attention.

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