Cameron Friscia: All About Kat Timpf’s Husband

Cameron Friscia is a former soldier who is a prominent figure in finance at present. However, he has also gained fame as the husband of Kat Timpf. He has framed a great reputation for his work in the finance industry at present.

Cameron Friscia

Cameron Friscia, a well-known American investigative associate, is currently employed by Coatue Management in New York. Following his military service, he transitioned into a finance career. Notably, Cameron made headlines when he married Katherine Timpf on May 1, 2021. His military service in the US Army included roles such as Assistant Operations Officer, Executive Assistant to the Brigade Commander, Company Executive Officer, Infantry Platoon Leader, and student at the Infantry Officer Basic Course. 

After leaving the military in 2014, Cameron pursued an internship at Bank of America and later worked as a dealer with Merrill Lynch, Pierce Fenner, and Smith. However. He has yet another identity. He is the husband of Kat Timpf. Join us in this article to discover some interesting facts about him.

About “Kat Timpf’s Husband” Cameron Friscia

Cameron gained increased recognition following his marriage to TV and social media personality Katherine Timpf. Despite his success before tying the knot, Cameron’s life underwent a significant transformation after 9/11 when he joined the US Army. Within the Army, he took on roles such as APO, CO, and Executive Assistant to the Brigade Commander. However, now he is a prominent personality in the world of finance.

Early Life of Kat Timpf’s husband

Cameron James Frascia, an American citizen born on August 10th, 1986 (37 as of 2023), is a native of New York City. Of Caucasian descent, he has not publicly disclosed information about his parents or siblings. Cameron attended Choate Rosemary Hall, his hometown high school in New York. Following graduation, he pursued higher education at the U.S. Military Academy, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. He completed the seventeen-week Infantry Officer Basic Course at the OTS Officer Training School.

Age And Physical Dimension

Cameron Friscia celebrates his birthday every August 10, and as of now, he is 36 years old. Standing at a well-proportioned 5’8″ and weighing 65 kg, Cameron’s physical attributes contribute to his appealing presence. His striking features include attractive dark brown eyes and silky black hair, enhancing his overall attractiveness.

Family Details

Cameron comes from a white family, greatly influenced by the care and support of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Friscia. While details about his brothers and other relatives are currently unavailable, any information that surfaces in the future will be shared.


Cameron exhibits flexibility and a strong work ethic. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Military School, he held various roles, including Company Executive Officer, Assistant Operation Officer, and Executive Assistant to Brigade Commander. Transitioning to the financial sector, Cameron became a dealer at Merill Lynch, Pierce, Penner, and Smith in 2014. Currently, he is a research associate at Coatue Management, a global technology investment firm founded by Philippe Laffont, based in New York. 

Coatue Management focuses on funding public and private companies in technology, media, telecommunications, consumer, and healthcare sectors, with offices in NYC, Menlo Park, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. Cameron’s interest in finance and investment grew post-9/11, leading to an internship at Bank of America, followed by his role as a dealer at Merill Lynch, Pierce, Penner, and Smith, Inc.

Net Worth And Investment

Cameron Friscia’s net worth is approximated at $4 million, a substantial sum amassed predominantly through his previous roles in the military and the finance sector. His monthly income, amounting to around $50,000, is derived from his position as an investigative associate and various other revenue streams in finance. While details about his specific investments remain undisclosed to the public, Cameron is believed to have made wise financial choices. Alongside his wife, he owns an opulent apartment in New York, and he also possesses a BMW car.


We already know that Cameron is famous as the husband of Kat Timpf. They tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony on May 1, 2022, officiated by Lisa Kennedy, the host of Fox’s The Kennedy Show. Kat Timpf shared glimpses of their special day by uploading wedding photos on Instagram. Cameron has undoubtedly benefited from his association with Katherine Timpf. In an interview, she expressed her excitement about growing up with him and having the best time together. Despite her initial reluctance towards having children, Kat mentioned the possibility of considering it in a few years. She reflected on how being around him made her feel like she could be a mother and emphasized how he enhanced her, describing it as the best feeling ever.

Who is Katherine Timpf?

Katherine Timpf has achieved success in the media, establishing herself as a prominent news reporter, political commentator, and comedian. Her witty writing, particularly on topics such as oversensitivity and societal trends, has garnered acclaim. Katherine is widely recognized for her contributions to shows like “Sincerely, Kat” and Greg Gutfeld’s program. As of 2023, the couple does not have children, but they share their home with an adorable cat and dog, enriching their lives with furry companionship.

Final Words

Therefore, Cameron, a renowned American investigative associate, has had a notable career in the military and finance sectors. His journey has taken him through =journey military roles post-9/11 and a successful transition to finance. At present, he leads a peaceful and happy life with his wife Kat.