What Are The Limitations Of Student Visa 500 Applicant?

Student Visa 500 Applicant
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What Is Meant By Student Visa 500?

student visa 500
student visa 500

Australian economy is having huge importance in serving the individuals with the high quality educational standards. The land is just the best for pursuing further studies by an overseas student. Relevant visa is much essential for an individual to reach the nation. Student Visa 500 plays a vital role for the students as it permits the students to reside in the nation for time period of their course completion. After attaining the visa, one could also have the benefit of the visa extension in the region for the time period of 30 days.

Eligibility Criteria for the Visa Application

In order to attain the grant for the Student visa Subclass 500, it is essential for the student to consider a lot of aspects. The criteria for the same would have the inclusion of the following;
• The person should complete the specific time period in Australia along with going through the course study.
• You should have the enrollment with any of the top ranking course provider in Australia. You should be a full time student in the institution. For the purpose, you should also possess a written confirmation by the authorities.
• It is essential that you should have the creation of proper immigration account for describing the details of your visa application.
• You should be much proficient in English language for attaining the visa grant at the earliest.
• Availability too rests with having the proper health check up for the smooth processing of the visa application.
• You should too provide the details in respect to your accommodation while having the stay in Australia. It should be done within 7 days of attaining the visa grant in the region.

Limitations For The Student Visa Subclass 500

Being the holder of student visa 500, it is vital for the individual to have the consideration of all the duties and responsibilities while having the stay in the region. Thus, one should too undermine the limitations for the visa application and the same have the inclusion of the following;
You should commit to be a genuine student, to the Australian Government & the Academic Institutions:
This signify the aspect that one should have the genuine intention of moving to the nation. Student should have the true desire of becoming a professional in any of the field. You need to become much advanced and master in the English language.
You can not overstay in the region after the expiry of your visa application:
It is essential to know that you would be granted by a sort of the grace period of around 28 days, once you have the expiry of your student visa application. You need to be aware if the aspect that you could not overstay in the region once the time limit of your stay permit gets over. In case, found doing so, you might face certain obstacles or threats. You can also contact the Department of the Home Affairs for getting more of the legal details.
Your working is just limited to be a Part-time worker in the region:
It is a well known fact that the Australian region provides the individuals with a lot of opportunities of growth. Once you attains the student visa 500 grant, you would be permitted to work for the maximum time slot of 40 hours in the 15 days, at the time when your course is in the session.
Students should have the proper maintenance of the attendance and the course progress:
It is well known fact that every individual have certain emergencies and though the student is permitted to miss around 20% of the classes being the holder of the student visa subclass 500. The limitation in the facet rest with the aspect that you should have a medical certificate for the purpose in order to justify your absence in the attendance record.
Link of the Student Visa with the Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE):
When you are just having the application for the student visa, that signifies the aspect that you have been issued with the CoE by the institution. It is much essential to know that you would be attain the visa grant based on the length of your course.
Valid health insurance is required while having the stay in Australia:
It is much essential to be known for the student that he or she should possess specific health insurance cover in order to peacefully stay in Australia and pursue the studies.
If still you are having any of the query or threat for the application of the student subclass 500 visa or the linked limitations to it, you may have words with the Migration Agent Adelaide. The individuals are much efficient in dealing with the menace in much better manner.