Los Angeles Lakers Potential Candidates For The Position Of Head Coach

Los Angeles Lakers

If you are a fan of basketball matches, you must have got the recent update about NBA Los Angeles Lakers by now. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the Lakers’ head coach search. So after a long and arduous search, they are finally closing in on a replacement for Frank Vogel, as per the sources.

They have tried every option while selecting their next head coach. So Yes, the front office has cast a wide net to secure the best person to help out the Lakers to win the NBA Championship. Would you like to know more about their process of selection? Here is what we come to know!

Who Were The Potential Candidates For The Los Angeles Lakers?

Since you are reading this article, it is evident that you are eager to know about the matter in detail. You are at the right place as we will share with you some of the significant info about the Lakers’ selecting their head coach.

According to an insider, Los Angeles has identified Darvin Ham of the Milwaukee Bucks, Kenny Atkinson of the Golden State Warriors, and former Portland Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts as their favored candidates. So they will now hold a final round of in-person interviews.

So with just three candidates remaining, you can safely assume that you will get news of the Lakers’ final decision soon. Probably you will come to know in the coming week. They have to quickly come to a decision and end this matter soon to switch their focus to the off-season and make necessary moves. This will inevitably add fresh blood to an aging rotation. Let us know some more details about this matter in the next section.

Who Do You Think Will Be The Best For The Position Of Head Coach? Let Us Have A Look At The First Candidate

If you are an ardent fan of the Lakers, you want the best person for the team, right? Needless to say, the Lakers have also left no stone unturned to secure the best man for their team. So naturally, each of the remaining candidates has something unique in them for which they are on the list.

Lakers will accordingly choose by judging who will benefit them the most and take them towards victory. Furthermore, when the team hires the coach, you will also clearly indicate what direction they are moving. You will, in fact, be able to anticipate their future performances on the basis of whom they select.

If you watch the NBA matches on a regular basis, you will know how Kenny Atkinson was with the Brooklyn Nets. He had helped develop a young and exciting team despite having little-to-no assets available and limited cap space. Moreover, throughout his four seasons in Brooklyn, Atkinson amassed a record of 118-190.

Even after that, his work set the foundations for the Nets. They became an attractive destination, allowing them to deliver fantastic performance. Also, they could easily land elite stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. So we can well understand that he is one of the potential candidates.

What About The Next Two Candidates? How Are They Suitable?

So after discussing Kenny Atkinson, let us look at how Terry Stotts and Darvin Ham are suitable candidates. Terry Stotts is arguably one of the most suited coaches for the Lakers. In fact, he is also highly experienced among the other two. Moreover, Stotts also has a winning record as a coach, with 517 wins and 486 losses to his name.

On the other hand, Darvin Ham is the wildcard out of the trio. Therefore, the Lakers’ front office will likely hope Ham brings a similar impact to what Ime Udoka has provided the Boston Celtics. At the same time, he has been with the Bucks since 2018 but has never been a head coach. However, he played a role in Milwaukee’s Championship last season.

So naturally, every candidate has some pros and cons, but the Lakers will make sure they select the best coach. They desperately need someone who can guide the players to a victory. Therefore, they will likely appoint the coach they feel can make their dream come true by winning the NBA Championship.

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say that the Los Angeles Lakers selection of their head coach is indeed a big event for them. We hope they will be able to select the best person among the three candidates who will help them emerge victorious in the NBA matches.

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