5 Must-Know Tips for Sellers – How to Prepare Your House for Sale

House for Sale

Are you trying to figure out how to prepare your house for sale? Read this article to learn more about getting your house ready to sell.

So, you’re planning on selling your house? Getting a home ready to sell isn’t always easy, but there are things you can do to help the process along and have a house that’s ready to sell in no time.

If you’d like our top five tips on how to prepare your house for sale, keep reading on!

Depersonalize and Disassociate

It’s understandable that, particularly if you’ve lived there for years, you might feel a sort of bond with your property, and it might be hard to let go. However, it’s important to remember that the house is just that — a place to live, where new people will soon be living. 

To help make this easier, depersonalize your home too. This also helps when attracting potential buyers, as they might be distracted or put off by your family photos and vacation souvenirs everywhere. 

If you’re trying to imagine yourself living in a new house, you need to see it looking quite clean and almost plain, so put yourself in the potential buyers’ shoes — what would you like to see?


Do you really need to take everything with you when you move? Probably not.

If there are things you can get rid of, consider donating them to a charity or non-profit so you can do some good as well as clean out the house. Meanwhile, it’s advisable to keep your counters and tabletops tidy and move books and other possessions from bookcases and shelves, as this will make the property look more appealing to potential buyers.

Make Small Repairs

If there’s a problem with the house that you can easily solve, you may as well do so as it’ll be easier in the long-run. Are there any holes in the wall or leaks anywhere? Do the lightbulbs need replacing?

If one of the bedrooms is bright purple, for example, you may want to paint over with a more neutral tone too, just to make the house feel more like a blank canvas.

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Check Exterior

Stand outside your front door, and take in the scene. Deal with any cracks on your front step, or maybe add a lick of paint where needed. You could add some plants to make the exterior look more pleasant — remember, it’s not just the interior of the house that counts.

Clean up your front yard. You could even use a landscaper if you wanted to, and really put effort into making the front of the property look nice. Consider what it could add to the price!

Organize Closets

If you have shoes, clothes, and toys falling out of closets and cupboards, it’s not a good look. Make sure that everything is neat and in place, as it shows that you’ve looked after the house.

Moreover, potential buyers can then clearly see how much storage space is available, and can start to imagine their own possessions in place of yours.

Now You Know How to Prepare Your House for Sale

Once you’ve read these tips on how to prepare your house for sale and followed them through, you should be ready to go. Potential buyers are sure to be clamoring to get a look at your property!

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