Dramatic Transformation Of John Cena Hair: Check Out The New Fancy Look Of John Cena

John Cena Hair
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Well, John Cena always makes great comebacks, and this time too he didn’t disappoint his fans. The master is back once again but with a new hairstyle. John Cena’s hair has become a hot topic among his ardent followers. In fact, the new dramatic look is quite classy as well. However, the most interesting fact is- fans feel like the invisible man can become the next James Bond.

‘You can’t see me’ the quote has become famous worldwide due to the man John Cena. Well, technically you can see him now and you will appreciate his new hairstyle. John Cena’s hair has become a talk among the fans because the WWE champ and actor has sported a cool and breezy hairstyle. Therefore, as we said earlier, fans have compared his look to James Bond.

Making A Comeback To Both Silver Screen And The Ring

The WWE legend John Cena has turned into a Hollywood movie star, as a lot of you will surely know. We have seen the man in a lot of movies where he has performed exceptionally. So, now he has made a comeback, not only on the silver screen but also at the ring. In other words, there are a few rumors that John Cena is heading back to the Ring for WrestleMania.

So, for that reason, he returned to WWE TV to promote the year’s Show of Shows. It has been a long time since Cena has made a public appearance. People couldn’t see the man in reality because of the covid restrictions. However, as we said, he has decided to put an end to the long streak of absence and head out to the ring.

Away from the ring, he is continuing to make exciting grounds and deliver masterful performances on the silver screen as well. So, fans might remember that John Cena has acted in comedy movies such as Trainwreck, Blockers, Daddy’s Home, Transformer’s spin-off movie, etc.

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that the 43-year-old John Cena is also appearing in the latest movie of the Fast and Furious Franchise. Well, who can keep this WWE legend away from the action, right? Just as you can’t keep Dwayne Rock Johnson away from the action and adventure genre, the same applies to John Cena as well. In addition, it’s also worth mentioning that the man will star in the Suicide Squad 2 movie.

His New Hair Style Has Made His Fans Compare Him With James Bond

So, we just discussed that John Cena has made a comeback both to the ring and movies. However, it’s the new John Cena hair look, that has become a topic of conversation among his fans. So, a few people spotted him suited booted with a new hairdo. Therefore, a section of his fans is thinking that Cena would look to feature as the New James Bond.

As per the sources, there are pictures of John Cena Hair on the internet. The 16-time world champ in those pictures is looking sharp and nice. The pictures are captioned, ‘John Cena out here looking like the new James Bond.’

So, we have a lot of mixed reactions from the crowd on this new hairstyle of John Cena. Actually, some of his fans expressed their love for the new John Cena hair look. In fact, they said that they’d like John Cena to feature as the next James Bond. However, there are other people as well who didn’t like the idea of John becoming the next Bond: “Now if hear another word about John Cena becoming James Bond, I am going to put earplugs in. Maybe a sleep mask… rumor or not. IT BETTER NOT.”