Does CBD Help You Sleep?

CBD Help You Sleep

Have you ever wondered if you’re the only one struggling to experience quality sleep? Rest assured, you’re not alone. In the U.S. alone, over 70 million adults struggle with chronic sleep disorders, as the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention discovered. 

All over the internet, you will come across a plethora of articles offering tips for quality sleep, and while these work sometimes, they are not always effective. From high-tech gadgets to sleep coaches and medications to supplements, researchers and adults are considering the option of cannabidiol (CBD) as an organic alternative. This article highlights the many ways CBD can help with the quality of your sleep.

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CBD Help You Sleep


While more research is needed, studies have shown that CBD is a potential treatment for anxiety and anxiety-related disorders. This is because countless tests link the usage of CBD to a decrease in anxiety levels, which improves sleep quality. Unlike many THC products, CBD consumed for anxiety reduction causes no lethargy. This makes it an ideal tool to calm all anxious, intrusive thoughts as you sleep. The OTO CBD for sleep range is a typical example of such a supplement. 

It is not considered a sedative but a sustainable and much healthier option than the sleeping pill. CBD oil enhances your sleep patterns and also helps regulate your hormone levels. This means your body is better positioned to process stress and anxiety, helping you relax and unwind more. 


Insomnia is not a cause but rather a result of stress. It comes about when an overactive stress reaction spills into your idle time: times when you’re not trying to process conscious trauma. One part of our body that helps with many sleep-related functions is the hypothalamus. This part of our body regulates body temperature and synchronizes our sleep patterns. Taking in CBD offers your hypothalamus assistance with stress regulation, which helps deal with your insomnia. With CBD, this dysregulated cycle of stress hormone overactivation is suppressed, and your sleep and wake rhythms are equalized. 


Post-traumatic stress disorder is another major cause of poor sleep rhythms and routines. There’s some evidence in the science supporting the use of cannabis for people struggling with PTSD. When people with PTSD use CBD, it reduces the number of nightmares they have, as many study subjects have reported not remembering their dreams. Though the body of literature is small, cannabis research shows that some forms of CBD can reduce symptoms of depression and pain by increasing your levels of serotonin in the brain. 

CBD is nature’s gift to man, especially with people struggle to sleep. Known to be highly effective without any lethargic side effects, CBD is great for pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, and many other reasons. Experts advise that when you start using CBD, it is best to be patient as it might take a while. It is also better to take it routinely as per the dosage of a healthcare professional to get the best results. 

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