10 Aesthetically Pleasing Anime To Satisfy Your Eyes

Aesthetic anime pfp

Aesthetic anime pfp is that channel of respite. It provides the viewers with what they are looking for: the plot, action, and aesthetically pleasing art. Although there is much anime with gripping plots. However, they lack artistic execution. Nonetheless, some have taken the crown when it comes to rocking both the aesthetic expression through art and unique plots. 

Many artists from all over the world link their interest in art to see what anime has to offer. From the inclusion of defining music to postmodern storylines. Also, with round characters and dazzling animation qualities, animation studios like Kyoto Animation, Madhouse, Mappa, etc are giving the production of studio Ghibli a run for their money. 

Therefore, Today We Bring You The Top Ten Aesthetically Pleasing Aesthetic anime pfp With Great Plots So That You Can Binge-watch Now….

1. Beyond the Boundary:

Released in 2013, the masterpiece from Kyoto Animation is a treat for the eyes. The plot follows the tale of Mirai Kuriyama. She holds the supernatural power to manipulate her blood into weapons. While she chases her senpai to gain something during her crunch of money. 

Eventually, she falls in love with him. The supernatural anime that belongs to the slice of life genre is a gorgeous piece of animation that showcases the expression of each character and the action sequence through a beautiful and vivid execution. 

A lot of softer and emotional scenes in the series are also decorated highly with the soft pastel and darker tones which balances the whole appearance nonetheless. Moreover, the brighter juxtaposition of the colors and the animation bring a layer of depth to the intriguing story. 

2. The Garden of Words 

Released in 2013 as well, it is a classic Makoto Shinkai movie that has striking art and vivid scenery. The awe-inspiring scenery and rain scenes are the reason why this movie has made it to the list. The movie is comparatively short. 

However, in that short time, Makoto manages to arrest an illicit love story between a teacher and a student. The Aesthetic anime pfp is a classic Shinkai as he showcases the differences of the world of two people. This not only makes the movie very real, but relatable as well. 

Not to forget the beautiful animation that will lock everyone’s eyes to the screen. The movie has an open-end as well. The viewer can infer the ending as they please. So, although many may think that it has a sad ending. One can infer the ending they prefer. 

3. Death Parade: 

Who can forget the rocking music in the Death Parade? However, this production from Madhouse released in 2015 is also famous for its striking art style. Although compared to other anime in this anime, this particular anime pfp aesthetic is an outlier. 

The beauty of the animation comes in darker colors. The dark hues in a sense complement the plot as well. Moreover, the mix of blue and purple provides it a goth look that the anime tries to project. Each scene will give you something to look at. 

Whether it is the perfectly drawn characters, or the intricate details of the game, or the decor setting, it is a unique piece that will have your heart. The anime has one of the most engaging audio-visual presentations. The peppy tone and the philosophic plot make it a unique piece.

4. Hyouka: 

“I am curious” is what will ring in your ears if you watch the anime once. It is THE anime that will make you come back to the realm of anime again and again. Released in 2012 and produced by Kyoto Animation, Hyouka will pique your interest. It has a lighter plot, slice of life genre, and a romantic outlet. 

With the cute anime girl pfp, Chitanda Eru, you will want to explore her world more. The complete visuals of her eyes and audio are something that Kyoto animation excels in. However, this is by far one of the best pieces they have created. 

The vivid art of the anime which focuses on the eye every time the main female character gets curious shows dedication. The people stayed true to the point by showcasing Eru’s unusual interests. Moreover, the light-hearted shoujo anime will make you laugh, enjoy and engage positively. 

5. Your Name.

Another Makoto Shinkai movie that everyone should watch if they desire to see vivid imagery. You may have heard of the movie, Your Name. But one can say that it has become a staple in the anime community for its cohesive and clear animation style. 

The design, the art, and the interplay of hues make the anime a celebration for the eyes. The anime cinema champions the shoujo demographics. Moreover, it falls under the category of a slice of life, romantic, and to some extent comedy genre.

The supernatural element of the plot gives it a unique touch. Further, the details in every backdrop and wide shot make this anime stand out the most. One can say it is a winner among other Shinkai movies because of the excessive clarity in art style. 

Something as simple as a red setting signified their tied fate. Hence, Makoto focused on simplicity to enhance the intricacy of the plot. You will only watch this movie in awe and wonder. 

6. Yuri!!! on Ice

Yuri!!! on Ice is the one you should watch if you are a yaoi fan. Although the homoerotic nature of the show is very vague. Nonetheless, it is what made women go gaga over the main characters. The beauty of the show lies in each move of the skating. Moreover, the art style of the character mostly showed a cute appearance.  

The story of the anime follows the tale of a Japanese skating champion on the verge of giving up. However, it was the Russian skater who restored his faith in skating. The series captures the bond two males share between them. And how their bond navigates their relationship in the rink, and off it as well. 

The show is visually stunning as every scene is simply a piece of art. With complimentary music and the beautiful choreography of the characters, no wonder Yuri!! On Ice has won hearts. Every movement in it is planned precisely. Moreover, it matches the plot with every jump becoming more relevant. 

7. Demon Slayer

How can we talk about anime art and not include Demon Slayer? Demon Slayer has become one of the modern trios in the anime world. A popular shounen nonetheless, it stands tall alongside Jujutsu Kaisen, and My Hero Academia. However, when it comes to the art style, the uFotable studio has outdone itself. 

They are giving Mappa a run for their money. Because currently, it is the Jujutsu Kaisen running alongside Demon Slayer. The compelling art style is very clear. Moreover, it does not have any complexity. One can say that the art is better than the manga itself. The A-class animation went above and beyond what the manga was. 

Moreover, the studio has used CGI to perfect such scenes of attacks and fights. It made the whole story seem seamless. You will think that you are watching a 3D anime. A viewer can note it especially when big fights take place. The water flowing emphasizes the clarity in terms of visuals and symbolizes the motif. 

8. The Tatami Galaxy

When it comes to aesthetic pfp, the tatami galaxy is by far the most modern. One can say that it has a unique art style. The art is more soft and soothing. Although it has a bit of a fast-tracked plot. 

Not only that, but the usage of color strikes out more. The mix of drawing style and colors makes the anime stand out from the rest. If you want something refreshing, this is the anime you look forward to. 

9. Wonder Egg Priority:

Although it is a dark piece of eye candy, nonetheless, it is eye candy indeed. After catching the attention of many otakus, the Wonder Egg priority has earned the attention of many for its philosophical theme. 

The plot focuses on bullying, suicide, the impact of it through the lives of three students. However, the dark theme goes well with the bright colors that set the whole anime on a different level. You will fall in love with it eventually. 

10. Jujutsu Kaisen:

Recently released Jujutsu Kaisen has started to garner the attention of many people around the globe because of many reasons. Number one is the peppy music, the second is the plot, while the third is the art style. The clarity of the art and the CGI used by Mappa has given us a masterpiece worth watching. The scientific plot along with bright and vivid style has cute anime boy pfp. Moreover, it has outdone Gege’s creation. 

Ending note:

When it comes to watching cute Aesthetic anime pfp with simple yet clear and precise style, you just resort to watching any of the above-mentioned anime. We are sure you will have a blast.

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