Every Quarterback’s Nightmare JJ Watt Is Retiring From The NFL

JJ Watt
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Legendary player J.J. Watt is retiring from the NFL. This is a piece of very shocking news for the global sporting community. For a decade J.J. Watt has reigned supreme in the game. He is rather a nightmare for every quarterback out there. His defensive strategies are brilliant to reckon with. 

In the sporting community, he will be remembered as one of the best defensive players to ever live. As Defensive player of the year, he has won the NFL award three times. Hence this proves how much efficient he is as a player. Naturally, his retirement is now a huge talk of the town in the sporting world.

His name will be reckoned in golden letters in the future. As a player, he has left valuable contributions in this domain. Thus in the long run he will go on to inspire many such players like him.

What has Watt posted?

What has Watt posted?
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Many people still cannot get over the fact that J.J. Watt retire is now initiated. He recently posted pictures on Twitter. The picture was with his wife Kealia and his son Koa at the Cardinal’s stadium.

There he said:

 “Koa’s first ever NFL game. My last ever NFL home game. My heart is filled with nothing but love and gratitude. It’s been an absolute honor and a pleasure.” 

(Twitter link- https://twitter.com/JJWatt/status/1607765508476252160


— JJ Watt (@JJWatt) December 27, 2022)

Some important aspects of his career

Watt is currently 33. He played for Central Michigan and Wisconsin while he was studying in college. We find him drafted as No. 11 overall. It happened by the Houston Texans. All of this took place back in the 2011 draft.

His career has been on an upward track since then. Over the years he has established his reputation as a brilliant defensive player to reckon with. Many players naturally fear him. Hence he has become a formidable name in the game.

Along with Von Miller, who was known to play for the Denver Broncos at the time, as well as Aaron Donald, who was known to play for the Los Angeles Rams, he was one of only three defensive players to be selected unanimously at large. The selection happened to the N.F.L.’s all-decade team for the decade of 2010. Thus this was a very significant achievement on his part.

Watt caught three touchdown passes as a tight end. He then returned an interception and a fumble for touchdowns. After that, he recorded 20.5 sacks during the 2014 season. The Associated Press’ Most Valuable Player Award went to Watt. We find him coming in second place to Aaron Rodgers. He received more votes than Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor and that is a very significant achievement at large. The latter is the one who won the award in 1986, for a defensive player.

Some important aspects of his career
Credit: ABC 13

As a social activist

What is very much interesting about Watts is that he was not only a brilliant player but also a very active social activist. He actively believed in giving back to society. His philanthropic efforts are well-documented around the world.

When Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, his charity raised over 41 million dollars for it. He even went on to win the N.F.L.’s Walter Payton Man of the Year Award back in the year 2017. The award recognizes philanthropic activities.


He last won the defensive player of the year award back in 2015. After his retirement, we will not miss his genes entirely. His youngest brother T.J. Watt is a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers while another brother, Derek Watt, is a fullback for the Steelers. 

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