The 10 Best Cities to Live in Idaho

Live in Idaho

For those of you looking for a fresh start, we’re sure that Idaho’s 1.83 million residents would be quick to recommend setting up home in their scenic state. After all, who wouldn’t love having Yellowstone National Park, the Rocky Mountains, sprawling lakes, and acres of wilderness right on their doorstep? 

Beyond the scenery and opportunities for adventure, the best cities to live in Idaho are full of hard-working Americans who pride themselves on their community spirit. And, although the cost of living, job opportunities, and home values can vary, Idaho boasts statewide low crime rates and plenty of access to good public schools. 

Are you wondering where to live in Idaho? Keep reading to find out! 

  1. Meridian

With a population just shy of 100,000, Idaho’s second most populated city should be your first choice when it comes to setting up home in the Gem State.

And should be your first port of call when looking for a home in the city. 

Not too long ago Meridian was a small town, but its desirable, family-friendly reputation has attracted a huge influx of people to the area in recent years. If you’re thinking of joining these new residents, you’ll be pleased to hear that Meridian had handled its new-found popularity and rapid growth very well. 

The city is home to 47 schools, with almost all of these boasting above-average exam results. As for job opportunities, while there are plenty within the city itself, Meridian is also an easy commute from the state capital Boise. 

  1. Boise

While Boise’s 227,000 residents might not seem many for a state capital, when you consider how many people live in Idaho, that’s a fair chunk of the total population. 

As such, most of Idaho’s job opportunities tend to be in Boise. This makes the city attractive to young professionals while families appreciate the many top-rated schools and reasonable cost of living. Home values are right on the national average while renters setting up home in Boise can expect to pay much less than the national average.  

Despite its state city status, Boise still has a distinctly small-town feel. And, since you’re only ever 20 minutes away from America’s great wilderness, nature is right there for the taking whenever you’re in need of some fresh air and stunning scenery. 

  1. Moscow

Home to around 25,000 people, Moscow is small-town Idaho at its finest. It’s no wonder, then, that millennials are flocking to the area. This trend should ensure future growth for Moscow in terms of housing and job prospects as well as a continued reasonable cost of living. 

At present, you’ll find renting more affordable than buying property, which could explain Moscow’s popularity with young professionals starting out in their careers. It’s not all business though. As a college town, Moscow is diverse and full of life, with plenty of opportunities for socializing and having fun. 

  1. Garden City

On the outskirts of Boise, Garden City is a commuter suburb that around 12,000 people call home. 

Despite its suburban status, Garden City offers easy access to plenty of outdoor activities as well as close proximity to Boise’s job market, facilities, and amenities. The cost of living is agreeable with low rental prices, while the area includes some of the state’s best-rated public schools. 

  1. Eagle

Many would argue that Eagle deserves to be higher in our top ten best places to live in Idaho. But, the city has the highest average home price in the whole state and the cost of living is more expensive than both the state and national average. 

That said, Eagle’s 26,000 or so residents would argue that you get what you pay for. Crime is almost non-existent making Eagle a top choice for families. This community-focused town also boasts a range of high-performing schools and easy commuter routes into Boise. And, as with anywhere in Idaho, Eagle is full of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. 

  1. Ketchum

With fewer than 3,000 residents, Ketchum is a small town with a suburban vibe right by some of the most incredible scenic views and outdoor activities the state of Idaho has to offer. 

Homes tend to be larger in Ketchum which makes the high price tags a little more bearable. So, if you’re planning on expanding your brood, this could be the perfect place to set yourselves up in a spacious, forever home. 

  1. Idaho Falls

For the 61,000 residents of Idaho Falls, this diverse, safe, and community-oriented city is just the right size for everything you need.

House prices are reasonable and the average rent is low. Beautiful areas of wilderness surround Idaho Falls while the downtown area is bustling and full of life, boasting a zoo, museums, bowling, restaurants, and plenty more to keep you entertained. And with Snake River flowing right through the city, fishing and other outdoor pursuits are never in short supply. 

  1. Hailey

Right on the doorstep of Sawtooth National Forest, Hailey is a great place to reconnect with nature on a regular basis. For adults and children alike, the forest offers plenty of learning opportunities and outdoor adventures. Hailey also boasts the best range of public schools in the whole state, while Hailey’s 8,000 residents also enjoy low crime rates and an engaging community atmosphere. 

  1. Ammon

With larger cities like Idaho Falls less than an hour away, Ammon’s 15,500 or so residents enjoy having easy access to shopping and entertainment facilities while living in a sparse, suburban area with a small-town feel. 

With plenty of parks, 22 above average public schools, and reasonable property prices, Ammon is popular with families and young professionals. 

  1. Pocatello

Affordable property prices, very low crime levels, and happy locals make Pocatello an appealing prospect for those wondering where to live in Idaho. 

Pocatello is home to around 55,000 people, making it Idaho’s fifth-largest city. Despite this, Pocatello maintains a small-town feel with a reputation as a quiet, conservative, and friendly place to live. 

The Best Cities to Live in Idaho

As this list of the best cities to live in Idaho shows, moving to the Gem State could be the best decision you ever made. 

With low crime rates, beautiful scenery, good schools, and a reasonable cost of living across the whole state, the hardest decision will be choosing which of the best places to live in Idaho you should finally settle on. 

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