Bright Summer Nails Manicure Trends For 2022

Bright Summer Nails
Credit: the fashion frill

It’s almost time for summer activities like going to the beach and hosting backyard barbecues, so it’s time to start thinking about your bright summer nails style. However, wrapping a cold martini in a set of bright summer nails (along with some summer makeup trends) is a certain way to get in the spirit for the approaching holiday weekend.

Whether you regularly visit the salon or have become a DIY mani master over the past year, we’ve got the latest and greatest manicure trends you need to know about. Moreover, there is a manicure out there for every taste and skill level, from simple gradients (rainbow nails are still trendy this season) to checkered manicures and seasonally appropriate neon bright sumer nails. Read on to find out which summer nail art trends are worth copying.

Now we’ll go over the many nail art options available to you!

Emotional Punctures

The current craze in bright summer acrylic nails art is heart-shaped laser beams, however, which can only be attributed to the Powerpuff Girls. Their bright tropical colours make them stand out.

Cartoonishly shaped clouds

Cloud nails were a popular trend this past winter, but we think they’re even more appropriate for summer. Unlike the recently appearing styled clouds, these cartoony clouds are purely DIY. To begin painting, all you need is a good brush.

Emotional Punctures
Credit: beauty crew

A Mani-Pedi in the USA

Indeed, the American manicure, worn by Nicola Peltz at her wedding to Brooklyn Beckham and popular in the 1990s (like a French manicure, but with less definition between the tips), is an American invention. Our trend forecasting suggests that the more laid-back style will be popular this summer.

This Week’s Full Moon

As soon as we saw Elle’s pastel half-moon manicure on Blake Lively, however, we knew it would be a season-long trend.

‘Euphoria’ by OPI Nail Polish

You have already discovered and come to adore cosmetics with a Euphoria theme; now it is time to apply said theme to your gel bright summer nails.

Nail artist Natalie Minerva of Euphoria worked with ManiMe to create a fishnet pattern similar to the one worn by Maddy Perez in the episode.

Stars that Glimmer

Light up your life with the glimmer of a thousand neon stars and you’ll feel instantly ready for the beach. Glueing some star sequins by your cuticles will achieve the same effect as free-handing stars on your nails using a nail brush if you’re too nervous to try it.


These little insects are a sure sign that spring has arrived. (These stickers are a nice substitute if you don’t have time to make your own.)

Stars that Glimmer
Credit: wed book

Swirls became popular in the 1970s

You’ll want summer to go hand in hand with easy-to-execute, yet visually striking nail art. Use Paintbox’s Like Lush + Like Flora Power Couple or similar earthy, mustard-toned neutrals to achieve a retro look.

French for “rainbows”

Moreover, adding cloud and rainbow accents to the tips of a traditional French manicure is a fun way to add some whimsy to the look.

Perfectly Finisheds

This bright summer coffin nails art trend is these rainbow-happy smiles. Also, they are a fun twist on the yellow smiley-face nails made famous by Harry Styles and Dua Lipa.

Grayscale Matte

Do you like having mismatched nails but wish there was a more refined way to get that look? Using several shades of the same colour and a matte finish, you may mimic the look of velvet upholstery.

Sun writhes awkwardly

 Moreover, choose your favourite shades, and then use a toothpick and white nail polish to make a swirl design. Wearing a distinct colour on each hand increases the cool factor.

To put it mildly, green slime is a revolting colour

We may no longer be in the Nickelodeon generation, but our eternal love of slime is reflected in these bright summer nails. Famed nail artist Betina Goldstein suggests applying two coats of Essie Nail Polish in Blanc and one application of Stencil Me In. To sum up, if you want shiny nails, you could get gel nails done at a salon.

Bright Swirls

The combination of a glossy finish and negative space creates a stunning visual.

Bright Swirls
Credit: sarasota magazine

Mismatched pair of hands

Want to have some fun but you’re a complete dud with a paintbrush? Wearing your hands in different colours is a bold way to express yourself.  Moreover ,the heart embellishment is cute but unnecessary.

Nail polish with a vibrant colour gradient is a must-have for the warm weather.

Intense hues dissolve

Do you think you might melt at this temperature? Add some melted, swirly tips to your nails and you’ll have a whole new appearance.

Cherry fruit, sour and sweet in equal measure

If you want the best DIY manicure ever, try your hand at these adorable cherry designs inspired by Natalie Pavloski’s tutorials.

Insects as Small as Moths and Butterflies

All of these caterpillars are adorable! The season calls for soft pastels with a pop of bright pink.

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