Is B2B Really All That Different From B2C?

B2B And B2C

There are, of course, a lot of differences between B2B operations and B2C. If you are preparing to undertake a B2B transaction, the chances are you’re aware of the marketing strategy and the distinction you will need when preparing a business relationship compared to a consumer one. But an important factor in getting your B2B strategy correct is not necessarily acknowledging the differences but understanding where both transactions are similar. 

There Is A Common Thread Between B2B And B2C

It may seem rather obvious, but one of the common threads between both B2B and B2C is that they both need a clear strategy. With B2B, you will fundamentally be selling your product or service based on what other businesses need. B2C, however, does not necessarily revolve around what the consumer needs but what they want. Both of these factors need a clear and concise plan to pinpoint and execute your sales. 

Marketing Becomes A Similarly Integral Part Of Your Business

To execute these strategies, you must market yourself appropriately. The success of this will often be determined by the research you put in. Just as you would research consumer buying habits and preferences, you would also research the businesses you will be selling to. In a way, this is the most integral part of a B2B mission. In the end, both B2B and B2C companies deal with real people who have their own opinions on what they want or need. Every CSO of a company will have their own preferences and desires, therefore it is important to pinpoint the business you should be dealing with through thorough research, and then place all of your marketing tools into it. 

Loyalty Is The End Goal

Once this is done, the next part of both B2C and B2B will be customer loyalty. As with every service, repeated custom is hugely advantageous. With both a consumer or a business, if you are capable of capturing their attention and maintain a healthy, honest relationship, then they are most likely to buy from you again. Pricing strategy must also be taken into account here. If your pricing strategy has resulted in a loss, loyalty to your business is going to be where you make your money. Businesses and consumers will be open to other services or other products that you will offer as they already know you are a good partner to do business with. Simply by ensuring loyalty, you have won.

An option outside of pricing and direct engagement from one employee in your business to another – cultivating and reenforcing that relationship – is to utilise a customer loyalty platform. Click here to see Incentivesmart’s, who emphasise that their platform will help you recognise and reward the desired behaviours, helping to establish a long-term relationship.

Feedback Is Important For Growth

Learning to listen to customers or potential buyers will be integral for personal growth. If you have marketed well, researched the buyers and successfully made the transaction, then the next step is simply to listen to what your buyers want next. Establishing yourself as a trusted and personable business will allow you to take into account existing businesses needs and act upon them. Just like any consumer, they are far more likely to go with your services if you have already built that trust and established yourself as a respected business.