Chelsea Vs Bournemouth: Some Important Highlights And Analysis

Chelsea Vs Bournemouth
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In the latest Chelsea vs Bournemouth, Chelsea won. But the overall pace of the team was disrupted due to the injury of Reece James. This is according to the coach of the team Graham Potter.

The team was expecting to win for a long time. Hence with this win, they ended their six-game wait with due diligence. They also got to the top four to reckon with. Overall the win, in this case, was very comfortable for the team. 

What was James’ injury?

James impressed upon his return to the game from a very problematic knee injury to reckon with. What is important to note is that the injury kept him out of the England 2022 FIFA World Cup squad. However, he suffered a leg injury at large. This happened early in the second half of the game. He was observed laying on his back at that time. He was completely in disbelief before leaving the field.

What was James’ injury?
Credit: chelsea football club

What the coach had to say?

The head coach of the Chelsea team Graham Potter said:

“We’re going to have to see in the next 24-to-48 hours. We’re disappointed to lose him as quickly as we did. The situation affected us a little bit”

The response came from an interview on the Amazon prime video platform on being asked about the injury of James.

Some aspects of the incident

The incident was sort of a blemish for the team at large in the Chelsea vs Bournemouth game. The night was significant for many reasons.

After Kai Haverz had scored the first goal by sliding in to convert Raheem Sterling’s cross, Mason Mount scored a brilliant long-range goal at large. It was done to mark his 150th start for his former club in this case. Eventually, we see that their lead doubled early in the second half.

There were a series of recoveries to reckon with. After that the visiting goalkeeper Imprint Travers denied James, Real, and Mount to safeguard Bournemouth’s weak desires for a rebound at large. One can also note that this is Gary O’Neil’s most memorable match as a long-lasting lead trainer and hence this is something to consider with diligence.

Chelsea is supposed to travel to Nottingham Forest. They will do so on January 1. The team readily avoided the humiliation of losing four league games in a row for the first time since 1998. Hence this is a very intriguing prospect to understand here. Instead what we observed is that they moved six points behind Tottenham Hotspur. It was done with a game in hand on the team that holds the final spot in the Champions League.

Bournemouth is about three points above the relegation zone currently.

Some aspects of the incident

The attacking options facets

We can observe that because of a result of Potter starting Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on the bench, Chelsea began the match without a goal at large. This is with respect to all competitions for more than five and a half hours.

What is interesting is that the front three of Sterling, Havertz, and Christian Pulisic were under a lot of pressure to reckon with. Significant performance was expected here. We see the three World Cup players helped ease early concerns rather soon. All of it happened after a Bournemouth team that had started well and had won three of their previous five games at Stamford Bridge. The goal of Mount was a glorious one. Havertz went on to respond to Mount’s strike brilliantly.


Overall the match was a thrilling encounter to reckon with. Chelsea is happy with its performance in this case.

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