Include Waterfront Gourmet in Your Penn’s Landing Events

Include Waterfront Gourmet in Your Penn’s Landing Events

There’s always something going on in Philadelphia. It’s a bustling city, but it’s got an intimate feel that makes it inviting to residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re a Philly native or you’re just in town for the weekend, you’ll find plenty here to do and plenty of delicious things to eat.

Since we’ve mentioned delicious food, we have to suggest that you try our menu when you get hungry while you’re in the city for Penn’s Landing events. That’s because when you’ve worked up an appetite, you need to come to the best place to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and that place is Waterfront Gourmet. We’re the corner deli cafe that whips up your favourite sandwiches fast and fresh.

Are you craving that local favourite, the Philly cheesesteak? We’ve got a delicious meaty sandwich that we load up with premium seasoned roast beef, melted pepper jack cheese, roasted peppers, red onions, and spicy mayo on fresh bread. Or maybe you want a classic club sandwich? Our triple decker is nothing but delicious. You decide if you want it filled with turkey, roast beef, tuna, or grilled chicken and then we’ll add the bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a schmear of spicy mayo on the toast for a sandwich classic that you just can’t resist.

It doesn’t matter when or what you’re hungry for, Waterfront Gourmet is here for you for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When you’re up early, you should come by and try our breakfast burrito, breakfast panini, our breakfast bagels and so much more. When it comes to lunchtime snacking or dinner dining, we’ve got everything you might be craving. We even make our salads hearty. Our classic Cobb features some heaping helpings of grilled chicken, crispy bacon, creamy avocado, tomatoes, red onions, hard-boiled eggs, and crumbled blue cheese, while our classic chicken Caesar is piled high with grilled chicken, crunchy romaine lettuce, fresh Parmesan cheese, tomato, croutons, and Caesar dressing.

There are lighter versions that are sure to satisfy vegans too, including our Kale based salads. Simple and delicious becomes simply delicious when we take the freshest kale and top it with walnuts, raisins, tomatoes, Fuji apples, and feta cheese or swap out the romaine lettuce for a Kale Caesar that’s loaded with Parmesan cheese, croutons, and Caesar dressing.

It all sounds so delicious, doesn’t it? Well, you can savour tasty treats from Waterfront Gourmet whenever you’ve got a craving, no matter where you are in the city. That’s because, besides our waterfront location for your Penn’s Landing events, there’s a Waterfront Gourmet restaurant in the most popular areas in Philadelphia including University City, Roberts Center, and Dilworth Plaza.

We thought we should mention that if you need catering for your own Penn’s Landing events, such as parties or business seminars, then we can help with that, too. We are glad to serve tray after tray of your favourite gourmet sandwiches. From paninis and burritos or clubs and subs, we can whip up the finest sandwiches around that your guests will rave about, while our appetizer trays will keep the gang snacking through the entire event.

Who can say no when there’s loaded trays of fresh veggie and seasonal fruit or crunchy chips and dips with guacamole and salsa, hummus platters with tomato, cucumber and grilled pita? Then you’ve just got to wrap up the meeting with dessert. Serve cookies, cupcakes, chocolate dipped pretzels, brownies or cake and watch everyone gather ‘round for more.

We know you’ve got to be hungry now, so we want you to come on by whenever you’re in Penn’s Landing, University City, Roberts Center or Dilworth Plaza. So stop by today and we’ll fix you something totally delicious and awesome.

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