DesignEvo Review: How to Design a Café Logo Online

How to Design a Café Logo Online

Cafes exist in every country of the world; it’s everywhere, so it’s not something we can live without. But meanwhile, there are already numerous coffee shop chains such as Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Caribou, etc. It’s hard to make progress in competitions. As long as your food is awesome, your tasty coffee, yummy cakes and pies will possibly make your guests swarm into the store to taste the food. Besides, another prerequisite is good publicity. And I’ll show you how you can easily promote new café with your brand logo now. In this case, you could show potential customers at first glance that your coffee is the absolute popular. And what could be better than promoting your café directly with a logo on a coffee cup?

  • Set your café apart from your competitors’

The first step in designing a café logo is to think about how is your café different from your competitors’? Is it your delicious cupcakes and pies? Or is your cafe just next to a meadow, which is often a place for the children like to play on? Or are those particularly good-looking decorations comfort all the guests? Anyway, find something that will make you stand out from the competition and include it as a logo in your logo design. For example, if your café turns into a bar with delicious cocktails at night, then this can also be displayed in the logo.

  • Colour arrangement

In the choice of colours, traditional logos usually remain classic in a cosy coffee brown, sometimes with a small blob of green. With the logo of a modern restaurant, it may be quiet, but there are some that are colourful. Here, as long as it suits you and your concept, everything is allowed.

What’s DesignEvo?

Now, I believe that you could have already got an approximate idea of ​​designing a Café logo. The next step would be to create your matching menu design with DesignEvo, which is an excellent, easy-to-use tool that allows you to design a professional logo in minutes. The logos created with this service can be downloaded in PNG and SVG formats. 

How to use DesignEvo?

To use DesignEvo, you need to link on its home page and then click on the “create a free logo” button. 

Now you can go ahead typing a keywords “coffee” in the search bar on the top left corner, so you can get instant templates offered by the DesignEvo. You can choose one of your favourite logos from those predefined templates.

Next, type the name of your company in the appropriate text field and get started to your design process.

With DesignEvo, you can almost make all the changes you want. Firstly, you can use the Icon tab to search and insert the icon you prefer. Secondly, it is available to use the Text tab to add some new text fonts to the logo. Thirdly, it is possible to click the Shape button, so you can adorn the image used for creating the logo. Fourthly, with the Background button, you can modify the logo by changing its background colour. 

When you are satisfied with results, presses the Download button located on the top right corner, to download the logo in SVG format.
The key features of DesignEvo

  • The intuitive interface and simple drag-and-drop system can be easily used by beginners.
  • 9000+ ready-to-use templates are neatly classified as 19 different categories including animal, art, business, food, letter and so on.
  • DesignEvo also provides millions of icons, 100+ fonts, and powerful editing tools.

The pros and cons of DesignEvo

  • No registration and download is required.
  • DesignEvo is cloud-based, which means you can save logos in your account and modify them from anywhere with totally different devices.
  • Competitive prices to download high-quality SVG and PDF logo files.


  • We can’t upload images to embed in the logo that we’re designing.
  • Shapes function needs to be updated with more samples.

Pricing plans

There are three options which are available for DesignEvo: Free, Basic, Plus. 
In the free plan, you can download the low-resolution images with no transparent background.

The basic plan comes with a one- time charge of $24.99, so you will get high-resolution files (JPG, PNG) with a transparent background, unlimited re-download, and lifetime support.

The plus plan includes a cost of $49.99/one time. You can receive high resolution, lifetime service, unlimited re-download, copyright ownership, vector files (PDF, SVG).


All in all, the logo is an essential part of promoting a new cafe for small businesses. You can just follow the previous steps to design a logo that explains the essence of your company now. I am sure that DesignEvo is a good tool for designing online logos easily even by those who have no knowledge in the graphics field. If you have any other easy-to-use tools for designing tool, let us know in the comments.